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Studio Lighting Day 2, 365 Photo Project April 30, 2011 April 30, 2011

Every portrait that is painted with feeling is a portrait of the artist,                                      not of the sitter    -Oscar Wilde

Currently the class I am taking at SAIT, is studio lighting, hence the desire to purchase studio lights to play around with…considering I’m not looking towards becoming a professional portrait photographer.   I can also always rent them from my teacher, once I really know what I’m doing, maybe I will!

We get the privilege to work with students who convince their friends or students that bring in their parents! Only a few models are needed for about 4 classes.  Any volunteers?It’s a great way to get a disk full of free pictures at the end of the course, for 3 hours of your time on a Saturday morning!

I carry around model releases, so I can have permission to use their photos for my own purposes.  Please note: My photos are copyrighted, and you need my permission to use them.   They are digitally watermark, and I will be able to track the photos.  Please be respectful!   Christina


Storm Clouds Day 1, 365 Photo Project -April 29, 2011 April 29, 2011

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“I think a photography class should be a requirement in all educational programs because it makes you see the world rather than just look at it. ” ~Author Unknown


I was in the car (no other cars around, and I stopped the car briefly).  I took this shot through the windshield.  We had wet snow today.    I love storms, makes me want to settle in for a cozy book and a blanket, especially if it’s on a Saturday!  As you see in the picture, it wasn’t raining or snowing! But to the west towards the mountains something was up, or really I should be saying, something was coming down!!  Living close to the mountains you never know what kind of weather you’re going to be having, especially in my case in Calgary, Alberta!!

I was heading to a Preparedness fair as my Dad asked me to take pictures of his displays, how appropriate…being prepared for the storms of life that come your way.

What I like about this picture is the blue sky behind, and the rainy/snowy clouds! The recent tornadoes that have spawn across the United States with the result of mass amounts of destruction and deaths; the blue sky represents to me, that when the storm passes, better days are yet ahead!  There is still hope!

Bless the people who have lost and suffered so much in the USA due to the recent tornadoes!

Open to hearing any of your comments, views or critiques.



365 Day Photo Project!

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Since, this really is my only blog that I know how to run, I thought I might as well start here! For about 1 and half years, I have been taking night or Saturday photography classes up at SAIT and also online.   One more course to take, and I will have my photography certificate.  I don’t need  it, but I learn better when I have to practise, and because it gives me a sense of accomplishment to start something and say, that I have finished it! I have no intention to become the next and upcoming portrait photographer, although it may be really fun to get some studio lights, to practise with!   Each class that I am currently in, inspires me to buy something new! 

I started so I could learn how to use my DSLR camera, to improve my jewelry shots.    If it wasn’t for this business of “Precious Sadie’s” I would not have had the opportunity to earn some extra cash for lenses, and photography equipment, which also could be applied for  education credits and tax write offs!

I find when I have a camera in hand or within close reach, I do look at things differently.  My artistic eye is looking for composition, catch lights, back lights, backgrounds, shadows, etc.

As a challenge for myself I have entered the world of stock agencies. I have always loved the idea of advertizing! Stock pictures are used in advertisements, flyers, magazines, textbooks,  etc and it can give me a challenge to keep at it. 

I currently am with two agencies that have improved my photos, but I will have to add a lot more before I get noticed.  The need for stock pictures is constantly changing, and something that will push me to expand my creativity!  

So, starting today, I am going to try to post a picture a day, and the story behind it!


Please note, my photo resolution on the web, will be small on purpose!


A few new listings on Etsy April 27, 2011

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Today, I listed a lot more on Etsy, and the first time I actually put up some of the snap belts, that go with the belt buckles.  I hardly have very many semi precious stone buckles left, as I had a good sale, before Christmas.   If I ever get all of my inventory up on Etsy, it will be a miracle! Wish me luck!


Sweet Pea Benefit Boutique April 12, 2011

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I am participating in a first fundraising blogging benefit for 2 couples who struggle with infertility.  The money that is raised will go towards fertility treatments, or towards adoption fees.   Once sweet pea benefit boutique has posted all items from their contributors, the auction will officially launch starting April 12th and commence on April 14th.
May you fall in love with something that will help benefit these couples!
To find out more, please check out 

My donation, valued at $175.