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"Preserving Time for Generations to Come"

The need will be far great for earthquake donations March 16, 2011

The reason, we are blessed with so many skills and attributes, I believe is to bless the lives of others.  I feel truly blessed to live where I do, and have the many luxuries that I can have around me.  I love to have warm baths, when it’s super cold in the winter time. (and this year, that has meant almost 1/2 a year!)   This is one of my many luxuries!

With the recent earthquake and Tsunami that has occured in Japan.  My heart goes out to all those that have lived to tell about it, and those that went through that terrifying experience.  My heart rejoices when they are reunited with their loved ones!  I feel so blessed to have what I have.   It’s amazing how 3 minutes of the earth rumbling, can change your life in an instant.  I’ve have had moments in my life in a more joyous way, that have changed my life in an instant.  Getting married, having children, etc.. but never been through an earthquake experience. 

I believe in giving back, and in giving to those that are in need.   I can do this, through the enjoyment of my hobby/business.  I realize that when disasters hit, the immediate need, can sometimes be so overwhelming.  Generous donations may pour in initially, but then they seem to die off.   It is as if, it becomes old news, and sometimes we are left to forget, or we are desensitized, how horrible the living conditions continue to be.    

So, with this in mind, I am committing to donating 100 % of my net profits (keeping the expense that it costs for listing fees, shipping, cost of the item, bank fees) and donating the rest of each sale to the Red Cross until June.  Sometimes, all we can do is give a few $ by text message (which I don’t do yet!).  Or perhaps we can’t truly afford giving a few dollars away, but we need to buy a gift for a baby or someone special on a list.   Then that gift becomes more purposeful for you, and more purposeful to a complete stranger, who is need of your help, via me.    It’s a pay it forward kind of way.

We can rebuild a village, and give people a lot of hope, through our donations, if we don’t forget.  If you feel so incline, please check out my current listings at:

or request to join Precious Sadie’s  on Facebook.

Thank you,



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