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The Discoveries on Etsy January 27, 2011

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If you haven’t yet discovered Etsy, you are missing out! Etsy is place where many creative individuals come together and set up shop.  To show you what they can do handmade, and sell it at their prices! It is not an Ebay, but a marketplace where you can find one of a kind items, vintage, to arts and craft supplies.

Here you find a range of items:, from photography, to clothing, over 20,000 jewelry markets, knitting, some very odd items, and even baking.  Need to send cookies to someone in the US fresh, when you live in Canada, this one easy way to do it!   So, many creative outlets, you may be missing on, and so many forms more that I haven’t even touched on!

I’m going to be posting more on Etsy and about Etsy.  As, I’m trying to gradually sell my own creations and supplies there, inbetween selling offline.   I may have signed up to open my shop in 2009, but I haven’t got it going until the fall of 2010.     It’s a great place where you will find some of my items, being destashed, and actually see what I have available, as my official website  is more just a portifolio, as it’s too hard to keep up to date.

I also will be featuring Etsy artists on my blog, that perhaps, I have a memory because of the item they are selling, or something that I wish I could do but can’t.   Since,  “I would love to do it all, and I can do it all, but not all at the same time.” (My own favourite quotes!) 

Here is RJ Design Hut’s blog, who is an Etsy artist.  Her recent post about turtles pendants.   I like the concept of those little turtles getting to the big open sea when they are first hatched, but ever since I had a snapping turtle, hiss at me, when I was a child, I’m not to keen to get to close to them!  I do love the colour of those pendants, aren’t they cute!


One Response to “The Discoveries on Etsy”

  1. Thank you for introducing my turtle pendants to your readers. Give turtles a second chance, you may change your mind. : )

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