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I thought I was dejunking! January 19, 2011

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In the New Year, I find I need a break from jewelry making.   So, I’ve decide to tackle a huge project of producing manilla tags!  How huge?  Well…when you buy a box of 1,000….it gives you lots of potential to create and make mistakes!  Hahaha….and I thought I was dejunking my basement.  Well, I was last week, I cleaned out my storage room, and now I have another craft room, behind a closed-door!  I just have a feeling that they may be a big “ticket” item this year, and if not, well…you’ll know what I’ll be giving away for the next many sales and gifts! Check out my first set:

My goal is to list a make a one of kind set perhaps…everyday on Etsy…that’s a challenge, it means I need to pick up and do household duties in between, create it and take photos of it.  Then when I get back to the thrill of designing and renewing my energy back to creating jewelry, I can do that!  Unless…I have tremendous paper cuts!  

Wish me Luck! Christina


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