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Happy New Year to You! January 4, 2011

I hope you had a wonderful holiday season in December! I was able to get away with my family, and extended family to vacation in Florida, Eastern Caribbean, visiting the islands of St. Maarten and St. Thomas. The weather was on the cooler side, and too rough, so we missed our stop at Cocoa Cay, Bahamas.   I don’t think it matters where you were in the month of December, that you probably had below average temperatures.

I returned in time to host our New Years Party, but after 10 years of doing fondue, and last year fanning the smoke dectector all night, I decided to do a potluck night, instead. Next year, though, I may have to add in a pinata for the kids, it just seemed a lot less work this year.  I thought of doing a pinata hours before company was too arrive, and realized I really didn’t have time to pull that one off….but next year, perhaps I can make my own replica of the Time Square Ball….hmmm…sounds like a fun idea to do with the cubs!  Big Bubblewrap is still a yearly tradition of adults and kids jumping at midnight! It makes the best firework sound, and even after 10 years, I don’t see us giving up that tradition!

I love the New Year, and the opportunity to set new goals. I have them floating around in my head, but I have to commit them down on paper before I am ready to commit.

So, I thought today, I would get a little more personal of those goals.  I wrote those down in my hard cover journal and trying to remember what I wrote…  No specific order

1.  Go to bed by 11:00 on weekdays (that will be miracle if I keep this up!!)

2.  Write in my journal daily (I haven’t done that in a long time, my current journal covers about 4 years), but I have done this before, and it’s so well worth it!

3.  Spend some time spiritually, by studying my scriptures, and I got this book for myself and two good friends, “Change your Questions, Change your Life’ by Wendy Watson Nelson     I’m looking forward in becoming more of my true self!

4.  Have better prayers

5.  Commit to exercise 3 x a week for 15-20 minutes a day (surely I can do that!) Either stationary bike, or the wii is a good start.

6.  Commit to eating better, (still don’t eat potato chips, and trying to not drink pop).  Really why do we put carbonated drinks in our bodies, when we breathe out carbon dioxide?  I don’t get it.    Drink water more, and take vitamins (I forgot to write that in my journal!)  and lose some weight.

7.  Dejunk/organize  and clean, spend 20 minutes extra each day to get my house in order better.  Perhaps, I can actually get a top of it!

8.   Prioritize my time on the computer! (I love to research, learn on the computer, I could do this all day!) 

9.   Be a better mom, spouse, friend, serve and show gratitude.

Anyways, I hope you have made some New Years Resolutions! I’m looking forward in improving each day! I don’t mind if you want to hold me any of these resolutions, check up on me.  I’m always can use some accountability…even if the scale does lie!  Christina


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