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Vienna’s Birthday Party December 6, 2010

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This past weekend I got to spend a part of the day with Vienna! She will be turning five.  I have been very lucky to be a part of creating her birthday bracelet designs the past few years.  She is the only girl in a family of 4, having 3 brothers! Her mom is a great photographer and loves vintage! She had a beautiful tea party with all her friends.  They were served tea cakes, wafer cookies, pickles, raspberry tea, or juice.  The silver tea set was just so precious!! As well, as all the details that her mom put into action!  I was priviledge to be there and to be apart of this special day for Vienna.  Each guest created their own sterling silver bracelets with semi precious stones, and czech republic glass beads! They did a fabulous job, and they were the quietness and most polite young ladies, I have every seen at a birthday party! Thank you, for this opportunity!   Happy Birthday, Vienna!  


PS.  I do two types of birthday parties.  The children can make and create their own bracelet, or they can created clay beads, and with those clay beads make a sterling silver charmed bookmark.


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