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It’s November November 9, 2010

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Well, today I went and got my snow tires installed, even though it hasn’t yet snow, which is quite an amazing feat this season.  We literally missed summer.  Summer arrived in September, and even in late September, I took a 20 minute drive and took some pictures! It so nice to live so close to nature, that you can see snow in the mountains one day, and it can be gone a few days later.

These mountain goats, were definitely wondering why I was in their territory!  It’s nice to take a breather to get away on a short drive experience nature, and realize the beautiful creations that our Heavenly Father has given us to enjoy! 

November, has now hit, which means it’s my busy craft market season.   I do love it and thrive on it! Most pictures are being taken specifically for jewelry and hair accessories.  But, I signed up to be one of the main photographers at the school events.  Good way to practise my skills, by going into the school to take pictures of the kids on special event days, such as jump rope for heart, and crazy hair days.  This week, is Remembrance Day ceremonies. 

 I had a wonderful family night tonight, with two families.  One member of a family, served as a helicopter pilot in the Vietnam war.  It is such a good reminder to be grateful for those that serve and continue to serve in our countries to help bring peace to other nations.  We owe so much to our past civilians and their families who sacrifice their lives for the freedoms that we are able to enjoy, and to those that continue to serve throughout the world.  I wanted to make many poppy hair clips or brooches, in time for my Remembrance Day fair, but I afraid I will not be able to make this commitment, as grand as I hoped.   So, perhaps I will be better next year!         Christina


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