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Have your heard of Groupon? October 12, 2010

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Some clever person came up with the idea of Groupon.  Where companies pay for advertizing to Groupon.  Groupon promotes the company’s product, when the company advertize a huge discount price to promote their business.   Groupon sends out the daily bargain, and then it drives people to their business to help in their promotion.   A huge amount of people come flocking, where they might not of come before.     

Well, first of all…I’m not sure that from a business point of view, if it’s a long-lasting relationship.  Sure everyone wants a great bargain, but will the customer come back, or is the talk of the town, how great the deal they got, and would they really come back to use again?

Well, for me, I do give great deals already, most do know that, and they know the quality that I offer is exceptional as well.  So, for today, I’m trying a new “PS” oupon,   (PS…as in Precious Sadie’s).  But, the only way you can see it, is by joining my Facebook, “Precious Sadie’s”  at 72 members and counting…and you may want to get today’s deal of a PS oupon.

Check it out, it may apply to you!   Christina


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