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"Preserving Time for Generations to Come"

Fresh Picked and Preserved October 26, 2010

I love working with these lampwork glass beads! They are so precious, and bring out the beauty of what seems like fresh pick and preserved flowers!! Absolutely stunning!  I combine them with Sterling silver, Swarovski Pearls, Crsytals.  Soon these designs will be listed up on my etsy site.  So stop on by and see a few of my current designs.  I have a lot more to put on etsy, but I also have my busy season coming up around the corner, which I need my stock to sell at these upcoming shows!  One of Kind fresh picked and preserved….and perhaps reserved for you!  Christina


PS oupon October 25, 2010

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PS as in   (Precious Sadie’s)  and oupon (as in coupon) deal only available through Precious Sadie’s on Facebook until Wednesday Oct 27.   Come join, 87 and counting!


Create and Recreate October 24, 2010

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Create and to Recreate! (I took the pictures, manipulated them (added an extra lock on the door) and text, etc in photoshop  and created the necklace too!)  What satisfication!! All mine!


But I really need to clean my house and go to bed! Some things are lacking in performance, because I’m busy doing other things, but nothing like inviting someone over for dinner tomorrow, to get me focus in the right direction!!   Christina


Have your heard of Groupon? October 12, 2010

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Some clever person came up with the idea of Groupon.  Where companies pay for advertizing to Groupon.  Groupon promotes the company’s product, when the company advertize a huge discount price to promote their business.   Groupon sends out the daily bargain, and then it drives people to their business to help in their promotion.   A huge amount of people come flocking, where they might not of come before.     

Well, first of all…I’m not sure that from a business point of view, if it’s a long-lasting relationship.  Sure everyone wants a great bargain, but will the customer come back, or is the talk of the town, how great the deal they got, and would they really come back to use again?

Well, for me, I do give great deals already, most do know that, and they know the quality that I offer is exceptional as well.  So, for today, I’m trying a new “PS” oupon,   (PS…as in Precious Sadie’s).  But, the only way you can see it, is by joining my Facebook, “Precious Sadie’s”  at 72 members and counting…and you may want to get today’s deal of a PS oupon.

Check it out, it may apply to you!   Christina


I’m in love… October 10, 2010

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I’m in love with the idea of creating, probably because busy season is around the corner, and even though I have a lot of my own creations, I still feel I never have enough.   Last month, I rent 3 tables at the fair I was at…you would think 24 feet of table space would be enough!!

I only wish, the item that I fell in love would be in stock, so I could start playing around with it! What I found is called cocoa gold…which is sterling silver that is gold plated.  Others would say, but you’re talking about Vermeil (pronounced…vermay) but this is usually the bright shiny gold.   This one is the rich browns……..oh lalala…I can’t wait for the product to get back in stock, so I can get creating, and I can’t wait for more of styles and choices to become available!!    Christina