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Summer July 14, 2010

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It’s Summer, and you can see I haven’t posted much on here for awhile! I laugh at myself often, whenever I hear a radio commerical, about how it’s bathing suit season, and think to myself, that one must wear a chunky necklace with it!

Hopefully, this summer you will enjoy all the fun that summer brings!!  I have being spontaneous, so I have already gone on a 24 hr notice, trip down to Utah, so my kids could visit cousins! Now, we are back, and into the mode of pick up after yourself, and help me get better organized, by doing so! So far, it’s working well!   I need to start prepping with some fall sales inventory! Need to get creating to use up my stock!

Happy Summer, spend some time drinking lemonade, or perhaps host a lemonade stand!