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Timeless jewelry May 31, 2010

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Recently, I heard a good statement from Dr. David Weiman, we all have tons of jewelry, why would we want anymore! But, when us the creators, make jewelry, do we realize that we aren’t just making it for the buyer, but for the generations that may wear the piece of jewelry, as it gets passed down….So of course, we need more jewelry, we need it to surpass all the trends throughout the generations.  Wow, that made me want to make sure I continue to put pride, quality, durability, and uniqueness into each of my pieces so generations can wear it!  I better start creating and make some timeless creations! I just got a Dremel, so now I can continue in the next step in polishing fork bracelets…although, I may stop off at the kitchen for a bite to eat before I get started……..oh yeah…chunky necklace season is coming up!

By the way…for great jewelry advice, from Dr. David Weiman and Rena Klingenberg’s  I have invested in their e-books, and they have helped me tremendously!! They are well worth the money!

PS…my speciality ordered bracelets (I designed what kinds of stones were to be together and style of bracelet) they were made across the seas and have now arrived!!



4 Responses to “Timeless jewelry”

  1. your bracelet design is beautiful!!!

  2. I’m drooling, it’s gorgeous!

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