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When you wear your bathsuiting suit, don’t forget… May 15, 2010

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It’s getting to be one of my habits finding funny articles in the waiting room at a physiotherapist reception area.  Such as for today’s appointment, I read an article in a Canadian Parenting Magazine.    This current article address that for this year, us (females) should make sure we don’t buy a tankini, but that we buy a one piece swimsuit.  It would be important to not pick a boring shade such as black, but to be more adventuresome, and try blue or brown.  It was important to choose a “V” neckline and to wear a big chunky necklace to draw the eye upwards, so we didn’t have to wear a dreaded swim skirt.   How this made me chuckle….I wear tankini’s and dreaded swim skirts.  Mostly, because I have to usually buy 2 swimsuits to fit my body, I can’t quite do that with a one piecer…although I do need to find one.  I imagine myself being fully decked out by wearing my chunky necklace (one with a huge sea shell!) without my swim skirt, walking up and down the beaches in Mexico….with the peddlers, selling me all kinds of jewelry, so I would never have to worry about glances below the waist! 


2 Responses to “When you wear your bathsuiting suit, don’t forget…”

  1. So a chunky necklace is all it takes to get the attention away from my loved handles? Never knew! 🙂

  2. I guess I better get a pretty big chunky necklace, after having a 6 course Italian meal this weekend! Christina

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