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My life is out of control May 11, 2010

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Today sitting waiting for my physiotherapy appointment, I was reading some kind of health magazine. One of the articles caught my attention.  The author was talking about clutter, and how she read a Peter Walsh’s book “Does this clutter make my butt look fat?”.  Even though I have not read his book, he claims that if you have clutter your life is out of control, you don’t take care of yourself, and it usually leads to excess weight gain.   Was it true….my life is out of control?   I do have clutter…especially in certain areas….like a sock pile that never seems to have a mate….it literally grows each day.  It’s on my bedroom floor for the past 2 months.  I think I’m going to either invest in certain colours for each child, and somehow have them pin to each other as soon as they come off their feet.  Or perhaps…I shouldn’t care and just have them wear mismatch long and short socks…and I’m sure the dog steals them too…as there always are odd ones laying around on different levels of the house…maybe they do walk off on their own!  The other areas of clutter are around the computer.  My dear husband mention on the weekend, that perhaps it would be a better idea for me to have my own computer, so I would have my own area, and he could retake his computer space, and keep it tidy.  He could also then inherit the job of doing all the filing, and paperwork that goes along with it.     What about the stack of flyers…that I find around the toilet area…don’t I have a right to have that place unclutter, too.  I need to stick to the rule, “Pick it up only once, to find it’s home”.  The hardest part I find is with paper from kids schools, couldn’t they just go with paperless homework, sent it in by email!  

The other thing I discovered is that I have clutter in my computer.   Even though I have “Viritual” folders in my inbox, I still have piles of viritual email.  I’m trying to get my inbox down below 300 inbox messages, and then you take all those photographs, that need to be deleted, or filed.  There’s a whole new world to organize in this computer. 

Being in the art room at school today, I felt at home.  Clutter comes with creativity, surely Peter Walsh should know that.  I’m not a hoarder.   Oops..Okay, I admit I a hoarder for good quality beads, and sterling silver, that comes with the business.   I regularly clean out my home…but I have to create to get rid of what I have business wise.   Some areas…are a little disorganize at certain times, and my kids are really good at getting the house unclutter when they want to. 

Taking care of myself.  I could do better.  I could go to bed a lot earlier (if I didn’t have so much I wanted to learn and do!)   I will exercise, once I get rid of the aches and pain my lower back has caused me.  I’m sure it’s due to poor posture, and sitting a lot.   I should take care of my appearance more, some days, I couldn’t care much.  Like last week, when the dog got out, and she likes to chase cars.  I had to stop 4 cars from leaving our street, while I’m out in my pj’s and ski coat and sandles, trying to coax the dog back in to the house.

Excess weight Gain  Summer is coming, it be nice to lose about 15 lbs….So I guess I better get off my Butt…….and off the computer, perhaps pick up a new book to read on an exercise bike and go clean my clutter!  But….first…I have to finish another haircut on the dog…she’s only have shaven!  Christina


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