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What makes 8-10 year old boys happy? May 10, 2010

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Perhaps, you remember me saying that I’m a leader in the cub program.

The challenge…for the leaders built a soap box….I gave that to my handy assistant! The 26 page instructions were challeging, yet fulfilling.  Since some of the boys, wanted to add a favourite symbol, I thought it would be fair to add what they felt they wanted to add as their own symbol to make it unique.   The soap box derby took place this past Saturday! Great job on the volunteers that helped buckled up the boys as they raced down in 3’s to the bottom line, pulled kids out of tires, and help push the cars up on the ramps.  It sure made their day!  You can see it on their faces!  Christina


2 Responses to “What makes 8-10 year old boys happy?”

  1. Now THAT looks like fun, I think I want one for myself!

    • Thank goodness for my assistant (Stacey D.) and her families skills and contacts, as we made 2 carts! It will be on the list to do again, next year!! So fun, you can see it on their faces!!

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