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The winner gets… March 24, 2010

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My son’s friend just completed a soccer tournament, and their team  came in 4th.  We joked with him, when we heard that for 4th place, he received a brass metal!  We wondered what could of been given for  the 5th place, and did the 6th place get a ribbon, saying ” thanks for participating!”.   Those are the type of ribbons I hate…when your child just finished the swimming lesson for the 2nd, 3rd, or a zillion time, and didn’t pass!    I didn’t get much of a chance to see the Paralympics on tv the past 2 weeks, but I did see the sport of sledge hockey! A bit slow at times, but if I was in their sleds…you would of canceled tv! They were amazing to dart around on their sleds, and pick fights with the pic on the end of their sticks, it was a game full of action.  I knew if I was in their shoes, I would be lucky if I could be balanced!  Then think of those that are daring enough to strap on skiis and do it without seeing!  What brave souls, and I wish they showed the paralympics on at the same time as the olympics!! The Paralympics and the winter olympic games reminded me of the value that we place on winning medals! 1st for Gold, 2nd for Silver, 3rd for Bronze…and in some cases..4th for Brass!

Gold has the power to be symbolize with power and wealth.  When you mix copper into gold, such as 18K, it becomes Rose Gold.   In rare jewelry, if you mix iron into the gold, it turns blue, or aluminum will make it purple! Then there is white gold, which can contain copper, zinc, and nickel.   You will always find someone who prefers one metal over the other, or wears gold on one hand, and silver on the other.  Those that live in India are the ones that wear gold the most.  If you live in Thailand, and are of the Karen Tribe, you might find yourself wearing silver from head to toe and also exchanging it for money.

Either way, I’m sure any of our recent Paralympic athletes, are proud to have a metal shining around their necks, even if they can’t see it!  Congratulations to all the winners out there! And speaking of winners…I may not have won a gold…but I my husband, says I’m now an award winning photographer, being published and paid.   The link to the picture has been updated, so it now won’t show my winning photo.



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