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Giveaway at Sweet Limes, “Matryoshka clutch” March 18, 2010

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Check out my Sweet Friend, B! She is majorly talented in many ways.  She is a perfectionist and has a great eye for seeing and creating, in many forms of art!

 She has a Matryoshka clutch that was donated that she is giving away on her blog, over at  .   Anyone can enter, the deadline is March 22.

Do you know what matryoshkas are?  They are also known as Babushka doll’s which originate from Russia.  I’m sure if you ever have been there, you would pick up a set of these wooden hand painted nestling dolls.  As a child, I never had a set, but I remember playing with one.  I remember fondly the bright rich red dresses of the dolls, with the yellow head-dress they each wore.  How each stacked inside each other, the last one, the  littlest one, was the small painted baby, that did not come apart.  It is amazing that the set I played with had only about 5 dolls, where as traditional sets can be as big as 30 dolls! It amazing the variety that is out there with the types of designs.   If I ever get that chance to visit Russia, this will be the first item I would like to take home!   Christina


One Response to “Giveaway at Sweet Limes, “Matryoshka clutch””

  1. I’m with you on that, I think these dolls are amazing and I’d love to have one for myself.

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