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My few opinions of the red carpet Oscar dresses- March 8, 2010

Filed under: Interesting Items — precioussadies @ 7:28 am

I didn’t catch the Oscars, but was reviewing the dresses on-line… here’s  my take, on a few dresses of the Oscar crowd.

Anna Kendrick, the dress reminds me of a roman godness…beautiful cut on her.

Miley Cyrus -beautiful bottom half…not quite right for her on the top half.

Jennifer Lopez -the dress looks like it is a mattress cover that is wrapped around her.

Maggie Gylennhall -dress reminds me of a Hawaiian vacation…just couldn’t be bother to dress up.

Diane Kruger -half like a roman goddess style..mixed in with some ruffle curtains…she can pull if off.

Rachael McAdams -watercolour gown…too bland for her skin tone. …but if it was richer colours…I may really like.

Cameron Diaz -lots of glitz, and she can wear it well.


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