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The winner gets… March 24, 2010

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My son’s friend just completed a soccer tournament, and their team  came in 4th.  We joked with him, when we heard that for 4th place, he received a brass metal!  We wondered what could of been given for  the 5th place, and did the 6th place get a ribbon, saying ” thanks for participating!”.   Those are the type of ribbons I hate…when your child just finished the swimming lesson for the 2nd, 3rd, or a zillion time, and didn’t pass!    I didn’t get much of a chance to see the Paralympics on tv the past 2 weeks, but I did see the sport of sledge hockey! A bit slow at times, but if I was in their sleds…you would of canceled tv! They were amazing to dart around on their sleds, and pick fights with the pic on the end of their sticks, it was a game full of action.  I knew if I was in their shoes, I would be lucky if I could be balanced!  Then think of those that are daring enough to strap on skiis and do it without seeing!  What brave souls, and I wish they showed the paralympics on at the same time as the olympics!! The Paralympics and the winter olympic games reminded me of the value that we place on winning medals! 1st for Gold, 2nd for Silver, 3rd for Bronze…and in some cases..4th for Brass!

Gold has the power to be symbolize with power and wealth.  When you mix copper into gold, such as 18K, it becomes Rose Gold.   In rare jewelry, if you mix iron into the gold, it turns blue, or aluminum will make it purple! Then there is white gold, which can contain copper, zinc, and nickel.   You will always find someone who prefers one metal over the other, or wears gold on one hand, and silver on the other.  Those that live in India are the ones that wear gold the most.  If you live in Thailand, and are of the Karen Tribe, you might find yourself wearing silver from head to toe and also exchanging it for money.

Either way, I’m sure any of our recent Paralympic athletes, are proud to have a metal shining around their necks, even if they can’t see it!  Congratulations to all the winners out there! And speaking of winners…I may not have won a gold…but I my husband, says I’m now an award winning photographer, being published and paid.   The link to the picture has been updated, so it now won’t show my winning photo.



Giveaway at Sweet Limes, “Matryoshka clutch” March 18, 2010

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Check out my Sweet Friend, B! She is majorly talented in many ways.  She is a perfectionist and has a great eye for seeing and creating, in many forms of art!

 She has a Matryoshka clutch that was donated that she is giving away on her blog, over at  .   Anyone can enter, the deadline is March 22.

Do you know what matryoshkas are?  They are also known as Babushka doll’s which originate from Russia.  I’m sure if you ever have been there, you would pick up a set of these wooden hand painted nestling dolls.  As a child, I never had a set, but I remember playing with one.  I remember fondly the bright rich red dresses of the dolls, with the yellow head-dress they each wore.  How each stacked inside each other, the last one, the  littlest one, was the small painted baby, that did not come apart.  It is amazing that the set I played with had only about 5 dolls, where as traditional sets can be as big as 30 dolls! It amazing the variety that is out there with the types of designs.   If I ever get that chance to visit Russia, this will be the first item I would like to take home!   Christina


Daylight Savings Time March 17, 2010

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I hate having to spring forward an extra hour, as it means I lose an extra hour of sleep at night!  I can’t believe how many people I have talked to or have notice how this time change has really affected them this year!    But…When falls, comes I love falling back and gaining an extra hour in the day, but I don’t gain it in sleep!  From Jan-until now, I have been dragging my feet.  I go into my swings of being really motivated and wanting to accomplish so much, and other days…I don’t do anything…wasting the time away.  I function way better when I have appointments throughout the day.   45%  of me feels, I’m still in a bit of burnt out mode that happens from crafting so much in the fall season.  15% is I’m lonely, it’s hard to motivate myself again once school schedules start again.  15% is I’m lazy…it’s too much time taken out of my day to exercise…I can’t get anything accomplish, and 15% is I have to reorganize myself  & get a top of my piles again to feel like I have a sense of order…..and the other 5%….Just too many ideas, can’t settle on just one!  “I want to do it all!  I know I can do it all, but not all at the same time!”.   Well….I better get my 5% off the computer, and carry on with my motherly duties!  Christina


My few opinions of the red carpet Oscar dresses- March 8, 2010

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I didn’t catch the Oscars, but was reviewing the dresses on-line… here’s  my take, on a few dresses of the Oscar crowd.

Anna Kendrick, the dress reminds me of a roman godness…beautiful cut on her.

Miley Cyrus -beautiful bottom half…not quite right for her on the top half.

Jennifer Lopez -the dress looks like it is a mattress cover that is wrapped around her.

Maggie Gylennhall -dress reminds me of a Hawaiian vacation…just couldn’t be bother to dress up.

Diane Kruger -half like a roman goddess style..mixed in with some ruffle curtains…she can pull if off.

Rachael McAdams -watercolour gown…too bland for her skin tone. …but if it was richer colours…I may really like.

Cameron Diaz -lots of glitz, and she can wear it well.


The Oscars, 2010 Academy Awards March 7, 2010

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The Oscars, are again on tomorrow evening.  I’m not a movie buff .  But, I do find it interesting to see who dresses tastefully, and to see how they might accessorize.    To me this dress…speaks for itself-  if she did wear more accessories, it would have taken away from the beauty of this dress, although…I would changed out her silver bracelet for a bit more crystal glitter, and also crystal dangle earrings.  Those that make it to the worst dress section of the magazines, I’m sure aren’t thinking that is where they are going to be featured. Do you think they kept the dress…do they ever wear that dress again.  Where does it end up?  Even with these sophisticated gowns, do they wear them only once…and then are they auction off for charity?  Being in the public eye, the trends of what people will gravitated to, will depend on what comes of the Oscars. 

May your best pick win! Christina