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Birthday Club Earrings $2 & just $5 for s/h February 25, 2010

Who inspires you? I was watching the news tonight, with the short clip of Clara Hughes who really is an amazing individual who can compete and win medals for both summer (cycling) and winter (long track speed skating) olympics!  Wow, what drive! I wish I had it in me to become that athletic!

I’m inspired by certain individuals.  My parents for the goodness of their hearts, and I hope I have inherited some of their qualities into mine.  A young friend, that I know who is inspirating me, of her creative cake business “Something Sweet by Nicole” has made it her goal to make 100 cakes this year for 2010.   She made me a special cake for my birthday in January, for free (there is a story behind it)…feeling guilty I’ve have made her some jewelry in return.

 So, in return, I thought, what a great way to pay it forward.  I have so many beads and semi precious stones, that I thought I could promote something along the same lines.   So considering February is Heart Month and making jewelry is fun for me, and I need more motivation!

I get to design them the way I want!  I will make ONE PAIR of sterling silver,  fishhook earrings in your colour choices for the month of your birthday, for the cost of $2 plus a small fee to cover shipping.  If perhaps you don’t wear earrings, you could at least send them on to a friend!  I make top quality jewelry, sterling silver, semi precious stones, swarovski crystals, czech republic glass beads, and the value is worth $15-30.    The only thing, I ask of you, is to help cover the cost of shipping by sending me $5 Canadian  contact me through comments, or purchase through my etsy store:  to cover just the cost of the shipping.   I reserve the right, that the earrings may come early or late of near your birthday date. 

Those that joined “Precious Sadie’s” on Facebook, prior to February 2010, get their earrings for free, and shipping, too…as long as they email me before the deadline!  

Don’t want to miss out on any other fun offers? Then join “Precious Sadie’s” on Facebook.    Thanks, Christina


2 Responses to “Birthday Club Earrings $2 & just $5 for s/h”

  1. I know Feb is over, but I’m wondering how much it would cost me to get a pair of earrings that are just like the ones in the picture included in this post. I adore them and might have to include them in my very small collection. Just email me the details will you. Thanks. 🙂

  2. Thanks for coming by, check out or call me!

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