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"Preserving Time for Generations to Come"

Cabos San Lucas, Mexico February 10, 2010

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My first stop was at Cabos San Lucas, Mexico.   It was Tuesday, Jan 26, 2010…and 29C and while we enjoyed walking through the town to the beach, about a 30 minute walk, we tried to turn down their pleads off offering the best price for water taxis, glass boat rides, and excursions.  While visiting there many markets, and saying “no thank you” to many of the vendors, I had the fun of looking at their set ups when it came to what they were selling on the beach.  Each seller, wore a crisp white linen shirt and pants, and shoes as they combed through the flock of spectators that were waiting for the next buyer, it literally was like having the home shopping network on tv, at your finger tips!

 It was amazing for me to see just the many different combination of sellers.  One selling big straw baskets, another sunglasses, jewelry….oh boy…….lots of jewelry, blankets, scarves,  wind chimes, bowls, parachute spidermans or parachute hulks, and excursions.

But, If they really wanted my business…offer this service of washing and drying  my feet, and vacuuming up the sand in between the toes, that would have been a hot ticket item for us! 


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