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Looking on the bright side! February 4, 2010

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We went off to spend the next two days in Disneyland.  It had been raining all week, and outside of the LA area there was quite a concern for mudslides, that some had to be evacuated.  We arrived at the  California Adventure park at 3, and it was to be open until 8, but they then changed the hours, due to the cold and rain.   The rain felt like hail on our faces on California Screamer, the rollercoaster!   Despite wearing rain jackets, were all were cold…well I was freezing, and my hands were soooo cold and ready to drop off!  One of the stores, was selling thin knit gloves  for $8 (which I didn’t buy!)…..but I also had a huge burn/very big bubble blister on my hand, that that I was trying to protect, and they wouldn’t of been of any use of keeping my hands in staying dry!   I could not dare ride the grizzly river run…but the rest of the family…they endured and enjoyed walking around being very wet! 

It rain on and off, and somehow the sun made the rainbows to appear.     Isn’t wonderful to have the rainbows appear when the sky is so grey! Sometimes we need to recognize the small elements like rainbows, and appreciate the warmth they bring, despite the cold, miserable rain.  Seeing not just one, but two rainbows gave me the hope that the next day might just be a bit warmer, and at least I was in a place where we all enjoy being  and with each other!  Christina



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