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"Preserving Time for Generations to Come"

Signing of Autographs, Camera Flashing February 3, 2010

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Travelling with the family, the limo brought wide smiles, and the pretentious behaviour of feeling that we were perhaps some one of great importance.   Sadie was embrass that she was like “Hannah Montana” travelling to a concert.   In reality, after about 10 minutes, the family didn’t see why it was such a thrill…perhaps if we were in the dark, the glowing  L.E.D. lights on the roof that were changing colours, then that feeling may have lasted a bit longer.  But…for those first 10 minutes, they had wide smiles, and then it was the combination of being dead tired, that they stretched out, relaxed, and slept.  I’m glad to know that, as a family…we didn’t feel that we needed to have this fancy stretch limo (32 feet long), the trail of fans waiting for autographs, with cameras flashing to feel of great importance……as we already knew that we didn’t need those things to make us happy!   Christina


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