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Birthday Club Earrings $2 & just $5 for s/h February 25, 2010

Who inspires you? I was watching the news tonight, with the short clip of Clara Hughes who really is an amazing individual who can compete and win medals for both summer (cycling) and winter (long track speed skating) olympics!  Wow, what drive! I wish I had it in me to become that athletic!

I’m inspired by certain individuals.  My parents for the goodness of their hearts, and I hope I have inherited some of their qualities into mine.  A young friend, that I know who is inspirating me, of her creative cake business “Something Sweet by Nicole” has made it her goal to make 100 cakes this year for 2010.   She made me a special cake for my birthday in January, for free (there is a story behind it)…feeling guilty I’ve have made her some jewelry in return.

 So, in return, I thought, what a great way to pay it forward.  I have so many beads and semi precious stones, that I thought I could promote something along the same lines.   So considering February is Heart Month and making jewelry is fun for me, and I need more motivation!

I get to design them the way I want!  I will make ONE PAIR of sterling silver,  fishhook earrings in your colour choices for the month of your birthday, for the cost of $2 plus a small fee to cover shipping.  If perhaps you don’t wear earrings, you could at least send them on to a friend!  I make top quality jewelry, sterling silver, semi precious stones, swarovski crystals, czech republic glass beads, and the value is worth $15-30.    The only thing, I ask of you, is to help cover the cost of shipping by sending me $5 Canadian  contact me through comments, or purchase through my etsy store:  to cover just the cost of the shipping.   I reserve the right, that the earrings may come early or late of near your birthday date. 

Those that joined “Precious Sadie’s” on Facebook, prior to February 2010, get their earrings for free, and shipping, too…as long as they email me before the deadline!  

Don’t want to miss out on any other fun offers? Then join “Precious Sadie’s” on Facebook.    Thanks, Christina


Puerto Vallarta, Mexico February 19, 2010

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Our next stop was Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, where I felt we literally pulled up along the street, and all 3,000 of us got off the boat to explore this much more modern shops. 

 The streets are lined with cobblestones, so if you’re out walking, make sure you wear good shoes.  Today, our family divided up.  Dear husband, and 3 kids went off to swim with the dolphins, 2 for 1 pricing!  I found a great deal through Johann & Sandra website! It is a good reputable site to book, save money, and if the boat doesn’t arrive, you’re get a refund! My oldest son, and I went to Los Veranos Canopy Tours, and did the 14 ziplines, through the jungle.  The highest being 7000 Metres and 1.2 miles long.  We had to catch a taxi to the travel agency office, and then take a van load of people for about an 1hour ride.  That morning, I was really nervous, and didn’t know if I was going to be able to leave the bathroom behind.   Catching the taxi was great!  The local men in Puerto Vallarta,  really like to give flattery comments, it was all in fun!  Every time you have to unhook or hook yourself up, you had to lift up your leg really high, “Sexy leg”.   We had were outfitted with our harness, gloves, helmet and given our tips of how to get to and from the lines.  We had to carry our pullies up along the routes, that was more tiring than riding them! There were no worries at all, that I even did the zipline twice upside down!!

 After the fun was over, I went into the cages to feed the little monkeys, and bravely, I decided to have the python on my head. 

 WHY?!! My Son, thought I was crazy and walked away, he wouldn’t even look at me, and said I was succumbing to peer pressure (ah..there was only 1 of 2 ladies around me, that was also a willing participant).  I did not go for the tartanula, and out of the two…snakes are a bigger fear for me, even though I really don’t like spiders, too!  It’s was my own way of conquering “Fear Factor”… I made sure it wasn’t hungry, they say they only feed it 7 rabbits every 2 months.  They know when it’s hungry when  it’s eyes change colour, and it molts it’s skin.   It felt like a good massage as it climbed around me…but I wasn’t listening to it’s whisperings in my ear!  Well….I figure one day, I may just use it along with several pictures, along with this story, that has a lesson-

Elder Robert Harbertson-  He spoke of an Indian boy who climbed a high mountain. It was cold up there. At his feet was a snake, a rattlesnake. The snake was cold and pleaded with the young man to pick it up and take it down where it was warmer. The Indian boy listened to the enticings of the serpent. He gave in. He gathered it up into his arms and covered it with his shirt. He carried it down the mountain to where it was warm. He gently put it on the grass. When the snake was warm it raised its head and struck the boy with its poisonous fangs.  The boy cursed at the snake for striking him as an answer to his kindness. The snake replied, “You knew what I was when you picked me up” ( Ensign, July 1989, 77).   Lesson -Warn your children against those with poisonous fangs who will entice them, seduce them with easy talk, then injure and possibly destroy them.

After the tour was over, we had a security scare that lead us back later than usual on our floating hotel.  My husband and I then decided we still had some time to explore.  We went to Sam’s Club, and the brand new mall, that looked like it came out of America.  We both agreed that we liked this area the best, as it felt more modern, and I guess we don’t like to live without a sense of famaliarity, even though we do enjoy travelling!   Christina


Mazatlan, Mexico February 16, 2010

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Our next stop was Mazatlan Mexico.  We ventured downtown to the golden zone, by taxi and spend the day shopping.  I was on a hunt to find a new fanny pack, as my clasp had broken, and I knew I would need it for the next day’s adventure.  I found a beautiful leather one with a few zipper pockets, and a long-handled over the shoulder brown leather bag.  I love it! Awesome deal, for a total cost of $450 pesos, or around $35 US dollars.    I couldn’t resist to go into some of their jewelry stores! It really is amazing to see the amount of silver jewelry is oozing out of Mexico.  I fell in love with these cluster semi precious cut stone bracelets, and now would like to add some into my online store!!

This one had all the shades I need in it, to accent the brown tones I like.  Surprizingly, I don’t wear hardly any jewelry, but when I find something that I love, I truly love it and admire the workmanship of it!   Christina


Cabos San Lucas, Mexico February 10, 2010

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My first stop was at Cabos San Lucas, Mexico.   It was Tuesday, Jan 26, 2010…and 29C and while we enjoyed walking through the town to the beach, about a 30 minute walk, we tried to turn down their pleads off offering the best price for water taxis, glass boat rides, and excursions.  While visiting there many markets, and saying “no thank you” to many of the vendors, I had the fun of looking at their set ups when it came to what they were selling on the beach.  Each seller, wore a crisp white linen shirt and pants, and shoes as they combed through the flock of spectators that were waiting for the next buyer, it literally was like having the home shopping network on tv, at your finger tips!

 It was amazing for me to see just the many different combination of sellers.  One selling big straw baskets, another sunglasses, jewelry….oh boy…….lots of jewelry, blankets, scarves,  wind chimes, bowls, parachute spidermans or parachute hulks, and excursions.

But, If they really wanted my business…offer this service of washing and drying  my feet, and vacuuming up the sand in between the toes, that would have been a hot ticket item for us! 


Looking on the bright side! February 4, 2010

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We went off to spend the next two days in Disneyland.  It had been raining all week, and outside of the LA area there was quite a concern for mudslides, that some had to be evacuated.  We arrived at the  California Adventure park at 3, and it was to be open until 8, but they then changed the hours, due to the cold and rain.   The rain felt like hail on our faces on California Screamer, the rollercoaster!   Despite wearing rain jackets, were all were cold…well I was freezing, and my hands were soooo cold and ready to drop off!  One of the stores, was selling thin knit gloves  for $8 (which I didn’t buy!)…..but I also had a huge burn/very big bubble blister on my hand, that that I was trying to protect, and they wouldn’t of been of any use of keeping my hands in staying dry!   I could not dare ride the grizzly river run…but the rest of the family…they endured and enjoyed walking around being very wet! 

It rain on and off, and somehow the sun made the rainbows to appear.     Isn’t wonderful to have the rainbows appear when the sky is so grey! Sometimes we need to recognize the small elements like rainbows, and appreciate the warmth they bring, despite the cold, miserable rain.  Seeing not just one, but two rainbows gave me the hope that the next day might just be a bit warmer, and at least I was in a place where we all enjoy being  and with each other!  Christina



Signing of Autographs, Camera Flashing February 3, 2010

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Travelling with the family, the limo brought wide smiles, and the pretentious behaviour of feeling that we were perhaps some one of great importance.   Sadie was embrass that she was like “Hannah Montana” travelling to a concert.   In reality, after about 10 minutes, the family didn’t see why it was such a thrill…perhaps if we were in the dark, the glowing  L.E.D. lights on the roof that were changing colours, then that feeling may have lasted a bit longer.  But…for those first 10 minutes, they had wide smiles, and then it was the combination of being dead tired, that they stretched out, relaxed, and slept.  I’m glad to know that, as a family…we didn’t feel that we needed to have this fancy stretch limo (32 feet long), the trail of fans waiting for autographs, with cameras flashing to feel of great importance……as we already knew that we didn’t need those things to make us happy!   Christina


The adventure begins …Jan 22, 2010 February 2, 2010

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Yes, that is my backside…getting into the stretch  limo!  I give a full recommendation to rent from La Fleur Limousine, if you are in the Los Angeles Area.  Why nativigate through California lane changes, when you can sit back and relax!  It was so wonderful and affordable, I don’t know why I haven’t thought of this before!  We were off to visit Mickey for just a few days, and then down to a 7 day cruise to the Mexican Riveria.  I still feel the boat moving, so I’m going to slowly write about the adventures, self discoveries, and interests I found along the way.