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Studios January 16, 2010

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The other day, I glanced through a magazine about organized office spaces, with the feature about lighting.  What a wonderful way to see the interpretations of how their space was organized which transform into their studios.  Some had lots of windows, to look out for inspiration, and lots of colours! Many types of cabinets, bookshelves, containers, were present to drape their artist creations, from material for the quilter, to paint brushes in a tin can, to clothes pegs that hung paintings.   It’s all glamarous, when you have a lot of space to call your own.  For others, we do the best we can!  My studio is aka as the furnace room.   I literally sit afront of the cold air duct, which blows air up my back….and layered in long johns, and sweaters to keep me warm!   This week, the sun has melt a lot of snow, and it’s gotten me in the self cleaning mode, inbetween watching news updates about the disaster in Haiti.  

I have a main computer desk, that holds many containers with drawers to hold “STUFF”   With sterling silver it mostly stays in plastic bags, to prolong tarnishing.  **And for those that have been looking about information about sterling silver…it does not have cadimum or lead in it.  To be sterling silver, it must be 92.5 silver, and 7.5 copper; unless it’s argentium sterling silver than it has germanium added into the copper, which makes it a harder and less prone to tarnishing.

I would love to show you a picture of my studio…but the saying goes, I could show you, but you can’t come out alive, or… if you help to organize it back to where it belongs, then I will have to give you some free jewelry! I’m in the process of sorting it all by myself.  So, don’ t stop by…I won’t be home, I’m looking for better ways to utilize the space I have.   

It’s nice to obsess over our creative spaces, but in lieu of this weeks events, it really comes down to what do we really need and what can we give.  It’s simple….Food, water, shelter.  Faith, hope, love, service, kind acts, compassion, hug, a cry….and may those that need it the most, get it.     Christina


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