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"Preserving Time for Generations to Come"

Haiti January 15, 2010

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One of my personal interests has always been with preparedness.  I think a lot of people don’t realize that even where ever you live, you could be in a state of emergency and how long it could take for help to arrive.  On average it takes at least 3 days, and about 2 weeks, to get things up and going.  One of the most often things, a lot of us take for granted, is the philisophy that it won’t happen to me, and so we do little to prepare ourselves for it.

Now with the recent earthquake in Haiti, I’m interested in watching the news to hear updates with how they are going in and organizing this major catatrophe that this earthquake has done.  It will be quite a process, I have tons of questions reeling in my head of what they will do next.  Can’t at least one reporter in their crisp clothes, have the people write their names down, and air it to their loved ones.  Even, as gruelsome, as it is, can’t they take a headshot of the dead, to help identify later and record the number of lost lives.  Where will they put all that concrete?  How does one make it sanitary for them? How to calm the storm, when there is so much need! How do you feed/change that 15 day old baby, that lost it’s mother, when there is no food, or clean water.   My heart goes out to all those that have lot their loves ones, and to the many that may still be alive, trapped, and are afraid and waiting for help to arrive, before they perish.   It is amazing to see the different countries pulling together to come and help at such a time of need.   To hear of the outpouring of funds from people to help pay for everything.   It is unfortunate that Haiti lies on a fault line, and is such a poor country, but it gives us a chance to not be materialistic and look to uplift those and give them greater hope! God Bless!    Christina


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