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Cadmium January 12, 2010

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Being one of the biggest stores around, Wal-mart has decided to pull the children’s jewelry products that the feel have cadmium in them because of the recent threat of products that were found.    They are setting an example, but I really wonder if they actually know the extent of what their products do contain.   I’m sure many more retailers are affected, without even knowing what is lurking on their store shelves.    

I hope though that the manufactors that produce children’s jewelry or any jewelry that contains cadmium, will find a safer alternative.     The sooner the better!!   Check the labels, to see where it comes from.  Lead free is a common statement you may find, especially among pewter items, but Cadmium free has never been on labels!  But, if the product label is saying, “it’s lead free” and the price tag, is still really low, I would still recommend buyer beware.   If it’s handmade, know where the products come from and how they are made.   Check the item itself, to see if it’s stamped.  If it’s says .925 sterling silver, then it contains 92.5 %  silver, 7.5% is copper.    Be proactive, so jewelry can be safe for whoever the wear is.   Christina


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