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An untested worry January 11, 2010

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I just read today that China has risen to be the biggest exporter than Germany.  One of the greatest concerns that does effect most people that aren’t viligiant is how many products from China contain lead and cadmium, especially in children’s jewelry.   In the United States last year, especially in California, all products had to be approved of the lead content, and if it met within their standard.  Toys get recalled when there is a concern over lead products.  Jewelry products do not get recalled.  In Canada, we don’t have that standard for recalls yet, if it involves jewelry.

If you’re selling something that is heading to California,  no matter where you live, you are affected by those laws.  Some online business I know of closed shop.   Many business in California were fretting if they had to close their doors, because of the expense of checking their products for lead levels.    Can you imagine having to check every compoment that is used in an article of clothing to declare it to be safe.  It could be very costly, and how unnecessary if we produced our own products in our own Countries to know the contents of what was in it.   Producing our own products, would also give great pride, skill, and self reliance.

In China, many people work in factories, and the factories are producing products as cheaply as they can, by using unsafe products to keep the costs down.  In 2007, China street vendor food…steam buns, had 60% favoured cardboard in them!  In 2008, melamine was found in baby formula in China!   Who gets affected?  Those working with these unsafe products, those that consume them too and us consumers who buy it. 

The newest discover is the concern of finding Cadmium in children’s jewelry, that can be found in big chain stores, such as Wal-mart, Claire, and dollar stores.   

According to the Wikipedia, Cadmium is an impurity of zinc carbonate, and is very toxic.  It’s main use is in the production of rechargable nickel-cadmium batteries. It has been used to stablize plastic and for preventing corrosion of plated steel.   For those that work with cadmium, the dangers of this occupational hazard is to inhale it.  For painters, those that work with Cadmium yellow, red, and orange colours, are the greatest risk of it absorbing directly through their skin.  Another way to have it enter your body is through direct tobacco smoking  where it goes right into the blood stream and into the kidneys.   Unlike lead, where children may have to swallow the piece of jewelry to have it absorb.  Cadmium can be absorb into  their system by regularly sucking or biting on a piece of jewelry with a high cadmium level.     Cadmium is not even on the list for checking like lead, and most likely became a substitute for lead, instead of zinc, when the USA consumer product safety act came in to affect in 2008, and when cadmium dropped in price.

Bruce A. Fowler, a cadmium specialist and toxicologist with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said, “There’s nothing positive that you can say about this metal. It’s a poison,”.  Out of  275 most hazardous substances in the environment, it is ranked a #7!

So, please….consider taking a better look at what you’re considering buying especially when it’s for a child.  Does the cost…. justify what the product contains!   Next time, look for .925 sterling silver and choose a better choice!   Christina


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