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Tonight my work of progress January 5, 2010

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Tonight my work of progress involves hair.  First, a child’s haircut (which I have been doing my kids haircut for about 10 years now) and my husband, says I only have 364 haircuts more to do until I can do his.  Fair enough! The sweet boy, that I did tonight, still trusts me even after 2 attempts of failing to put on the guard, once when he was 3, and really didn’t know, as I did a receeding hairline when I forgot to put on the guard, so I buzzed him. The other time, was a year ago, when I was tired of fighting for him to get a haircut, and in my fit of fury, I put him on the stool, grab the clippers without the guard (BIG OOPS!) and made a the runway down the middle of his head! At least, I have remember that lesson, and he is so forgiving!  

The other hair cut, is still a work in progress.  The dog.  She’s a goldendoodle, F1B. (mom was a goldendoodle, and her dad a poodle), which makes her 75% poodle, and 25% retriever!

She loves water, snow, and loves to retrieve, she was 2 in the fall.  She is hypo-allergic, and doesn’t shed, but her thick coat has a tendency to get matted, especially when she loves snow! Two dog breaks, two hours later, she is still half shaven.  This is my 3rd time cutting her myself.  I bought dog clippers in the summer, and this is the haircut, that will be “free”, as getting her cut by a professional can be quite expensive.  Although, tonight I was thinking an afternoon break without her would be a nice treat, and might just be worth the money!  My forearms have broken out in hives, as I am allergic to her dander.  She is pretty good a letting me cut her, and then escapes to sit in the bathtub when she wants a break.  She loves baths too!   Tomorrow, we will finish this work of progress, she will have looked like a sheepdog, and then a rat!  It will take about 3 weeks, until I enjoy seeing her cute and darker coat again.  

And a word to the wise, even when you need to have a subject for a daylight photo, and the only subject is the dog, is still isn’t a good idea, to encourage the dog to get the treat off the counter!!



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  1. Your dog is adorable!!! ❤ My poor mini-schnauzer also gets haircuts at home most the time. $60 for a pooch's do is crazy-pricey to me.

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