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How did you “Ring” in the New Year January 4, 2010

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Since the 1999-2000 New Year, I pretty much have made New Year’s a family tradition of having friends over to have fondue.  We do steak and chicken.  I have one of those hot stones, that work great for the meat, and vegetables like peppers, mushrooms, and broccoli.  Then I have a fonude pot with chicken broth, for the chicken, and another one for oil, for breaded mozerella sticks or meat (although I forgot the oil on the eve!).  I’ve also learned over the years to make sure the fondue lighters are on cookie sheets (so when the blue flame gets spilled, it doesn’t burn your table!)  Lots of favours of dips to try with the meat.  Lots of appetizers, made no room for chocolate fondue, but just for the other desserts.    It’s amazing to me, that I can feed 30 people, then the next night fondue again for 9 (with another family), and the next night stirfry and feed 9 (with a few more teenage boys), and still have  leftover meat from a 2 packages of steak (8 in total) and a package of 9 chicken breasts.    I think it’s a process of eating slowly tiny pieces, we must fill up faster!

The highlight of the evening, seem to be fanning the smoke detector, as it continued to beep for the first 1/2 hour.    Hopefully, we haven’t lost a few decibles!

Another favourite thing to do when the countdown is on.. is to jump on BIG bubblewrap, it sounds just like fireworks, and the kids love it (and I think a lot of the adults might admit that they do too!)    I’m ready to give up fonduing though, and start some newer traditions for the next decade, but I need some ideas!  What are yours?  Christina

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One Response to “How did you “Ring” in the New Year”

  1. lrushing Says:

    That bubble wrap idea is awesome- I think I will do that next year (if I can remember- LOL)

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