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Adding to Attributes January 3, 2010

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I love New Year’s and goals! Even though I don’t always need an exact time to start, I just need to make up my mind! In the year 2000, I gave up chocolate and potato chips.  I didn’t eat potato chips for 5 years!!  It was March of 2005, and a “girls” road trip temptation of Miss Vickies, “Malt Vinegar chips” which brought me down!  In those 5 years, I also limited what I could eat, which included tortilla chips, popcorn, preztels, and sunchips.  The chocolate lasted until Easter of 2000.  I did very well avoiding luxury chocolate samples around Valentine’s Day and Easter from Costco, and when I asked my husband to get me something small for Easter (I was thinking, jellybeans), not Cadbury small bunnies in a chocolate bar, that send me  off the edge, thinking I could start again, the following week, but I didn’t.  I’m not one though that even needs to have a lot of chocolate, just here and there.    Last year, I resolved again to stop eating potato chips and chocolate.  Mid January, someone told me, “Chris, you can’t go without chocolate, my husband Barry did that, and he was miserable!”.  So, after 3 weeks, I decided who wants to show others that they can be miserable!  But, it’s been now 367 days withOUT potato chips 🙂 and I continue to keep it that way!  My waistline will thank me!

Since I do well on timelines, I seem to work better underpressure.  I will strive to keep it going until the end of this year.  

1. SPIRITUALLY- Be better at my personal daily prayers, daily scripture study, and family prayers and scripture reading.

2. FAMILY- Try to spend (1-2 afternoons) in a month with my mom to work on Family History.     To  be more  involved in my kids classes more.

3. FINANCE- Add to our children’s education fund when we get our tax refund.  

5. KNOWLEDGE- continuation of photography classes

6 .  HEALTH – Go to bed by 10:30…or 11:00 p.m. at the latest during Monday-Thursdays. Drink 4-6 glasses of water a day.  Exercise for 20 minutes each day, the dog would really appreciate it!

7.  ORGANIZE  -to finish painting upstairs, to organize the garage, storage room, and the my workroom.  Perhaps…keep my perpentual calendar flipped for more than 5 days in a row!   To go to bed with a clean kitchen and sink.

9.  To GIVE – To look for an opportunity to serve each week.

10.   BUSINESS -to blog more often, 100/365 days, seek out other blogs.

Wish me luck and give me lots of encouragement! Christina 

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