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Off on an adventure! January 22, 2010

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For the next 10 days, I may not be posting, as I’m off to visit some countries and to I’ll share my adventures of what I discover, when I get back!


Priceless Possession January 21, 2010

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I’ve been busy, so I thought I share this great story -Christina

One warm evening during the past summer months Sister Ashton and I enjoyed a professional baseball game. During the early part of the competition our attention was diverted from the action by a late arriver. As he walked by, he spotted me and asked, ‘Who’s losing?’ I responded with, ‘Neither one.’ Following my answer, I noticed that he glanced at the right-field scoreboard, saw the game wasn’t tied, and walked on, undoubtedly wondering about me. Seconds after he made his way to a distant seat, Sister Ashton said, ‘He doesn’t know you very well, does he?’ ‘What makes you say that?’ I replied. She responded with, ‘If he did, he would know you don’t believe anyone is losing. Some are ahead and some are behind, but no one is losing. Isn’t that right?’ I smiled in approval with a warm feeling inside. Proper attitude in this crisis-dominated world is a priceless possession. Never before is it more important for all of us to move forward with conviction. We may be behind, but we are not losing if we are moving in the right direction. God will not score our performances until the end of the journey.”   –Elder Marvin J Ashton, “Who’s Losing?” Ensign, Nov. 1974, 41


Studios January 16, 2010

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The other day, I glanced through a magazine about organized office spaces, with the feature about lighting.  What a wonderful way to see the interpretations of how their space was organized which transform into their studios.  Some had lots of windows, to look out for inspiration, and lots of colours! Many types of cabinets, bookshelves, containers, were present to drape their artist creations, from material for the quilter, to paint brushes in a tin can, to clothes pegs that hung paintings.   It’s all glamarous, when you have a lot of space to call your own.  For others, we do the best we can!  My studio is aka as the furnace room.   I literally sit afront of the cold air duct, which blows air up my back….and layered in long johns, and sweaters to keep me warm!   This week, the sun has melt a lot of snow, and it’s gotten me in the self cleaning mode, inbetween watching news updates about the disaster in Haiti.  

I have a main computer desk, that holds many containers with drawers to hold “STUFF”   With sterling silver it mostly stays in plastic bags, to prolong tarnishing.  **And for those that have been looking about information about sterling silver…it does not have cadimum or lead in it.  To be sterling silver, it must be 92.5 silver, and 7.5 copper; unless it’s argentium sterling silver than it has germanium added into the copper, which makes it a harder and less prone to tarnishing.

I would love to show you a picture of my studio…but the saying goes, I could show you, but you can’t come out alive, or… if you help to organize it back to where it belongs, then I will have to give you some free jewelry! I’m in the process of sorting it all by myself.  So, don’ t stop by…I won’t be home, I’m looking for better ways to utilize the space I have.   

It’s nice to obsess over our creative spaces, but in lieu of this weeks events, it really comes down to what do we really need and what can we give.  It’s simple….Food, water, shelter.  Faith, hope, love, service, kind acts, compassion, hug, a cry….and may those that need it the most, get it.     Christina


Haiti January 15, 2010

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One of my personal interests has always been with preparedness.  I think a lot of people don’t realize that even where ever you live, you could be in a state of emergency and how long it could take for help to arrive.  On average it takes at least 3 days, and about 2 weeks, to get things up and going.  One of the most often things, a lot of us take for granted, is the philisophy that it won’t happen to me, and so we do little to prepare ourselves for it.

Now with the recent earthquake in Haiti, I’m interested in watching the news to hear updates with how they are going in and organizing this major catatrophe that this earthquake has done.  It will be quite a process, I have tons of questions reeling in my head of what they will do next.  Can’t at least one reporter in their crisp clothes, have the people write their names down, and air it to their loved ones.  Even, as gruelsome, as it is, can’t they take a headshot of the dead, to help identify later and record the number of lost lives.  Where will they put all that concrete?  How does one make it sanitary for them? How to calm the storm, when there is so much need! How do you feed/change that 15 day old baby, that lost it’s mother, when there is no food, or clean water.   My heart goes out to all those that have lot their loves ones, and to the many that may still be alive, trapped, and are afraid and waiting for help to arrive, before they perish.   It is amazing to see the different countries pulling together to come and help at such a time of need.   To hear of the outpouring of funds from people to help pay for everything.   It is unfortunate that Haiti lies on a fault line, and is such a poor country, but it gives us a chance to not be materialistic and look to uplift those and give them greater hope! God Bless!    Christina


Monte Trevi vs. Teufel January 13, 2010

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For those of you, that love teufel rings, I came across another company that makes spinner rings, called Monte Trevi.  The website isn’t as smooth as Teufel.  Check it out    I have never seen these rings before in person, but I personally like Teufel better, perhaps it’s because they have been around longer.  I also think that first impressions say a lot, and to me, Monte Trevi’s website, does not give me a wow impression.   Let me know what you think,  Christina


Cadmium January 12, 2010

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Being one of the biggest stores around, Wal-mart has decided to pull the children’s jewelry products that the feel have cadmium in them because of the recent threat of products that were found.    They are setting an example, but I really wonder if they actually know the extent of what their products do contain.   I’m sure many more retailers are affected, without even knowing what is lurking on their store shelves.    

I hope though that the manufactors that produce children’s jewelry or any jewelry that contains cadmium, will find a safer alternative.     The sooner the better!!   Check the labels, to see where it comes from.  Lead free is a common statement you may find, especially among pewter items, but Cadmium free has never been on labels!  But, if the product label is saying, “it’s lead free” and the price tag, is still really low, I would still recommend buyer beware.   If it’s handmade, know where the products come from and how they are made.   Check the item itself, to see if it’s stamped.  If it’s says .925 sterling silver, then it contains 92.5 %  silver, 7.5% is copper.    Be proactive, so jewelry can be safe for whoever the wear is.   Christina


An untested worry January 11, 2010

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I just read today that China has risen to be the biggest exporter than Germany.  One of the greatest concerns that does effect most people that aren’t viligiant is how many products from China contain lead and cadmium, especially in children’s jewelry.   In the United States last year, especially in California, all products had to be approved of the lead content, and if it met within their standard.  Toys get recalled when there is a concern over lead products.  Jewelry products do not get recalled.  In Canada, we don’t have that standard for recalls yet, if it involves jewelry.

If you’re selling something that is heading to California,  no matter where you live, you are affected by those laws.  Some online business I know of closed shop.   Many business in California were fretting if they had to close their doors, because of the expense of checking their products for lead levels.    Can you imagine having to check every compoment that is used in an article of clothing to declare it to be safe.  It could be very costly, and how unnecessary if we produced our own products in our own Countries to know the contents of what was in it.   Producing our own products, would also give great pride, skill, and self reliance.

In China, many people work in factories, and the factories are producing products as cheaply as they can, by using unsafe products to keep the costs down.  In 2007, China street vendor food…steam buns, had 60% favoured cardboard in them!  In 2008, melamine was found in baby formula in China!   Who gets affected?  Those working with these unsafe products, those that consume them too and us consumers who buy it. 

The newest discover is the concern of finding Cadmium in children’s jewelry, that can be found in big chain stores, such as Wal-mart, Claire, and dollar stores.   

According to the Wikipedia, Cadmium is an impurity of zinc carbonate, and is very toxic.  It’s main use is in the production of rechargable nickel-cadmium batteries. It has been used to stablize plastic and for preventing corrosion of plated steel.   For those that work with cadmium, the dangers of this occupational hazard is to inhale it.  For painters, those that work with Cadmium yellow, red, and orange colours, are the greatest risk of it absorbing directly through their skin.  Another way to have it enter your body is through direct tobacco smoking  where it goes right into the blood stream and into the kidneys.   Unlike lead, where children may have to swallow the piece of jewelry to have it absorb.  Cadmium can be absorb into  their system by regularly sucking or biting on a piece of jewelry with a high cadmium level.     Cadmium is not even on the list for checking like lead, and most likely became a substitute for lead, instead of zinc, when the USA consumer product safety act came in to affect in 2008, and when cadmium dropped in price.

Bruce A. Fowler, a cadmium specialist and toxicologist with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said, “There’s nothing positive that you can say about this metal. It’s a poison,”.  Out of  275 most hazardous substances in the environment, it is ranked a #7!

So, please….consider taking a better look at what you’re considering buying especially when it’s for a child.  Does the cost…. justify what the product contains!   Next time, look for .925 sterling silver and choose a better choice!   Christina