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The days are going by, and what have I accomplished? December 31, 2009

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On my dresser, I have a perpentual calendar.  Years ago, an online friend Julie, gave it to me (we came to know each other through cross stitching).  It has the date with daily quotes about friendship, and I only flip it, when my dresser is clean and spotless.   It’s not like I don’t dust my dresser, I just don’t flip it unless it’s totally bare.  Glancing at it today, the calendar reads Oct 25….hmmm I’m running 2 months behind in being organzied!  I average about 5 days in a row, until something gets left behind, and the calendar does not get flipped.

My friend, Columbia knows about my “piles”  on my dresser  (and elsewhere) & the calendar, and I’ve made it a joke with her over the years, to call her when I flip the calendar!   She recently graduated with her Master in Science,  in Psychology.  I asked her, “So, what does this mean about me and my piles?”.   She wrote me back and said, “It means you are a selfless wonderwoman who is continually seeking out to comfort those that need it or to have someone for dinner, or to help someone move, or just enjoying life with friends and family. I actually think you are the wisest of them all because you spend time doing things that are a lot more meaningful.”.  Gotta love that gal!   This reminds me of another person, who was very OCD on her housework (not you, Tawn!)… and years ago I was into my cross stitching, her comments, “At least you have something long lasting to show for your time!”.  So, if you are inclined to be a bit OCD, loosen up a bit, gather a small pile or two, and buy an inspirational calendar, to remember they are other things that are a bit more important!


One Response to “The days are going by, and what have I accomplished?”

  1. Loved this post! I was raised by an mother that believed cleanliness was next to Godliness so I deal with internal guilt when I feel like I am not meeting those standards. Indeed, there are many more other important things to do with our time.

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