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Time wasted December 30, 2009

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 A few weeks ago, I was asked, “How can you stand wasting the time you put into set up and taking down for your craft fairs?”.  It’s just part of the process, of selling your craft in a different venue.   Believe me, at the start of  the season, and when I start lugging my racks, and carts around, I do think, “Why do I do this? It would be a whole lot easier to just be a direct seller of another company… considering I do it all. Although, being a direct seller you still have to travel and lug it around.  I do it all.. the creating, taking the pictures, the pricing, the inventory, the marketing, the book keeping, and the lugging around to set up and disassemble the displays… well as driving to school, helping with homework, cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping, the budget, paying the bills, etc.   My dear friend Tawnya  whose created her own company called cozycreations and inspirations, reminds me of her advice, It’s about the creativity,  It’s about you’ve done.  We get full bragging rights!  

It does take longer to set up considering I have to make it presentable to sell, but it takes a fraction of the time to take it down.   This friend then said, “When I go to trade fairs, that is all I think of, is how much work it must take to set it all up.”.  She wishes she enjoyed being creative.  She loves numbers and rather be working with them all day in an office job.   But…I had her reflect that because she lives on an island, and has to take a boat to the mainland…did she consider that a waste of time?  Hmmm….now she could relate…Point made.


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