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Emotional Reaction December 29, 2009

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When was the last time, you instantly felt an emotional reaction to something that happen to you, to another, or in what you saw?

Last March, when I was in Orlando, Florida.  A fellow resident, stood by me with tears in his eyes, as the space shuttle, when up into space.  He said to me, “I always get emotional when the shuttle goes up and when it returns. It truly is amazing! Each and everytime!” 

For those of you that have been engaged to be married.  If you were the one asking, I’m sure you were nervous, and maybe even tongue tied!  You may not even cared to have a piece of jewelry at that given moment, but more a commitment of a please just say “Yes!”.  For those that accepted the prosposal, I’m sure it wasn’t all about what the ring looked like.. if there was one, but to know that there could be a connection that you would be willing to make.

Sometimes, we are given glimpses of time where we can view those emotional reactions. Pictures have a way that capture those moments; a newborn baby or even a wedding pose can stir up those emotions.

Rarely, do I actually get to see the “emotional reaction” when it comes to receiving a piece of  my jewelry.  I may help make the bridal necklace, but I’m not there to see the significance of the bride on their wedding day, as a loved one puts it on her to compliment her dress.

But yesterday,  I saw and felt that emotional reaction, because I was the giver.  A wonderful woman I know has had a extremely hard time finding just the perfect fit for a watch.  She has an oversize wrist, and usually has to buy extra length bands, to fit it with the farthest hole, and is very limited in styles.  Sort of reminds me of my long feet, and  finding cute styles, almost impossible!  When I overheard, her telling someone about her plight,  I told her several months ago, that I would make her a watch that would fit her.   She brought over her favourite necklace that she wears with almost anything, and thought that would be a great start for colour choices.    Which it was!

Yesterday was pick up day.  She got all tearied eyed, and said how nice it was to not have a watch that always felt tight, and that is was much more like a bracelet feel.  So, unrare for her to feel.  We had talked about doing a stretch bracelet, but we decided not too.  I will eventually make more interchangeable bands for her.  I am so thankful that I can use these talents of creating to bring  joy to others, and know that I can help please those that don’t fit into the norm, by creating custom items just for them!   Christina


4 Responses to “Emotional Reaction”

  1. I enjoyed your post. 🙂

  2. You do beautiful work Christina. Addison was so excited to give me the bracelet that you so kindly helped him make. I love the shot you took of this bracelet too. Looks like your turning into a photographer as well.

    • Thanks Kimberly for stopping by, and for your kind comments! It is much easier to do beautiful work, when you work with high quality items. Addison was so careful in the way he put together you’re bracelet, it gave me a glimpse of more of his personality. The shot was taken with the new macro 100m lens. I consider I would definetly get my use of it with the amount of jewelry shots I take. I enjoy taking stills, as they don’t move!

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