Christina Parker Photography

"Preserving Time for Generations to Come"

“Out of the box” Inspiration December 7, 2009

Sometimes it takes the knowing of: 

Someone who loves fashion and has designed a clothing line for children,

Supports moms and mompreneurs,

Has her own “Boutique Cafe” an online portable radio show, 

Is able to endure another pregnancy with a condition called  “hyperemesis gravidarum”…excessive morning sickness that lasts every day of her pregnancy!

Even though, she loves each of her four sons, is still wishing to add to her family. 

Then to find out that this pregnancy will be their first daugher together…gave a way to some extraordinary inspiration by thinking “out of the box”  to a new design for a family that is full of love, for their newest expected arrival.   Thank you for the inspiration…introducing my newest design.  “Dainty Dangles”.  May she arrive safe and healthy, and Daria may your labour go well and that you will heal quickly to reserve your energy in being a terrific mom to all your children and dear husband, and I’m sure you will continue to find that “Love is a moment that lasts forever!”.  



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