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The days are going by, and what have I accomplished? December 31, 2009

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On my dresser, I have a perpentual calendar.  Years ago, an online friend Julie, gave it to me (we came to know each other through cross stitching).  It has the date with daily quotes about friendship, and I only flip it, when my dresser is clean and spotless.   It’s not like I don’t dust my dresser, I just don’t flip it unless it’s totally bare.  Glancing at it today, the calendar reads Oct 25….hmmm I’m running 2 months behind in being organzied!  I average about 5 days in a row, until something gets left behind, and the calendar does not get flipped.

My friend, Columbia knows about my “piles”  on my dresser  (and elsewhere) & the calendar, and I’ve made it a joke with her over the years, to call her when I flip the calendar!   She recently graduated with her Master in Science,  in Psychology.  I asked her, “So, what does this mean about me and my piles?”.   She wrote me back and said, “It means you are a selfless wonderwoman who is continually seeking out to comfort those that need it or to have someone for dinner, or to help someone move, or just enjoying life with friends and family. I actually think you are the wisest of them all because you spend time doing things that are a lot more meaningful.”.  Gotta love that gal!   This reminds me of another person, who was very OCD on her housework (not you, Tawn!)… and years ago I was into my cross stitching, her comments, “At least you have something long lasting to show for your time!”.  So, if you are inclined to be a bit OCD, loosen up a bit, gather a small pile or two, and buy an inspirational calendar, to remember they are other things that are a bit more important!


Time wasted December 30, 2009

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 A few weeks ago, I was asked, “How can you stand wasting the time you put into set up and taking down for your craft fairs?”.  It’s just part of the process, of selling your craft in a different venue.   Believe me, at the start of  the season, and when I start lugging my racks, and carts around, I do think, “Why do I do this? It would be a whole lot easier to just be a direct seller of another company… considering I do it all. Although, being a direct seller you still have to travel and lug it around.  I do it all.. the creating, taking the pictures, the pricing, the inventory, the marketing, the book keeping, and the lugging around to set up and disassemble the displays… well as driving to school, helping with homework, cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping, the budget, paying the bills, etc.   My dear friend Tawnya  whose created her own company called cozycreations and inspirations, reminds me of her advice, It’s about the creativity,  It’s about you’ve done.  We get full bragging rights!  

It does take longer to set up considering I have to make it presentable to sell, but it takes a fraction of the time to take it down.   This friend then said, “When I go to trade fairs, that is all I think of, is how much work it must take to set it all up.”.  She wishes she enjoyed being creative.  She loves numbers and rather be working with them all day in an office job.   But…I had her reflect that because she lives on an island, and has to take a boat to the mainland…did she consider that a waste of time?  Hmmm….now she could relate…Point made.


Emotional Reaction December 29, 2009

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When was the last time, you instantly felt an emotional reaction to something that happen to you, to another, or in what you saw?

Last March, when I was in Orlando, Florida.  A fellow resident, stood by me with tears in his eyes, as the space shuttle, when up into space.  He said to me, “I always get emotional when the shuttle goes up and when it returns. It truly is amazing! Each and everytime!” 

For those of you that have been engaged to be married.  If you were the one asking, I’m sure you were nervous, and maybe even tongue tied!  You may not even cared to have a piece of jewelry at that given moment, but more a commitment of a please just say “Yes!”.  For those that accepted the prosposal, I’m sure it wasn’t all about what the ring looked like.. if there was one, but to know that there could be a connection that you would be willing to make.

Sometimes, we are given glimpses of time where we can view those emotional reactions. Pictures have a way that capture those moments; a newborn baby or even a wedding pose can stir up those emotions.

Rarely, do I actually get to see the “emotional reaction” when it comes to receiving a piece of  my jewelry.  I may help make the bridal necklace, but I’m not there to see the significance of the bride on their wedding day, as a loved one puts it on her to compliment her dress.

But yesterday,  I saw and felt that emotional reaction, because I was the giver.  A wonderful woman I know has had a extremely hard time finding just the perfect fit for a watch.  She has an oversize wrist, and usually has to buy extra length bands, to fit it with the farthest hole, and is very limited in styles.  Sort of reminds me of my long feet, and  finding cute styles, almost impossible!  When I overheard, her telling someone about her plight,  I told her several months ago, that I would make her a watch that would fit her.   She brought over her favourite necklace that she wears with almost anything, and thought that would be a great start for colour choices.    Which it was!

Yesterday was pick up day.  She got all tearied eyed, and said how nice it was to not have a watch that always felt tight, and that is was much more like a bracelet feel.  So, unrare for her to feel.  We had talked about doing a stretch bracelet, but we decided not too.  I will eventually make more interchangeable bands for her.  I am so thankful that I can use these talents of creating to bring  joy to others, and know that I can help please those that don’t fit into the norm, by creating custom items just for them!   Christina


Etsy December 28, 2009

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Etsy is a handmade, vintage, and supplies online site.  Although, unlike ebay, you don’t need to compete with rising prices, you just have to compete with who will buy it before you decide to change your mind and get it!

Once again, I have listed some items up on Etsy.  I did put a listing up in the summer, but then of course, it was sold locally, before it seemed to get even exposed on Etsy.

S0,  I hope you take a small peek around and see what I just listed.   Earrings and Rings, will not be listed, as I will be having a “Ring in the New Year’ Promotion soon, that will not be found on Etsy.  Thanks for stopping by here and hopefully on Etsy too!



Countenance…reflection of light December 27, 2009

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I’m so grateful to have such a beautiful view of the sunrise in the morning, that I have come to appreciate in the fall/winter months.  Since the sky is dark and rises late, most mornings I would miss it, as I’m not always an earlier riser; but in this season we are on the same schedule.   I love how I captured the sports car, with the sunrise!  

Several months ago, I purchased some semi precious gemstones in the form of briolettes.  Smokey Quartz, Rose Quartz, Blue Topaz, Peridot, Tourmaline, are among the favourites and of the selection that have added into my pile.   It is amazing to see the different infractions that are in each briolette, so that you truly can see the reflection of light, as the light bounces off each angle.   They are so many types of cuts, that could be cut into a shape of the stone, and it also depends on the type of stone.  Diamonds have a lot of variety of complex cuts because of the crystal makeup .  Each cut is callet a facet. But, it is up to the gem cutter’s skill, that brings the true beauty of the reflection of the light to the stone itself.    My favourites are the pear cut, and the baquette cut, which is of course found in my engagement ring.   Here is a good website, that shows the cuts.

To the Oriental, the countenance mirrors, even more to us,  the character and feelings of the heart.   So it is with us, I believe that our Heavenly Father, is creating and molding us, as he shaves off some of our rough edges, to create that most beautiful angles, as we experience each new day. 

So, the next time, when you are admiring your favourite cut of jewelry in the mirror at the store, (under those brillant bright day lights!) don’t forget about your own countenance, to let it shine forth!   Christina


“Out of the box” Inspiration December 7, 2009

Sometimes it takes the knowing of: 

Someone who loves fashion and has designed a clothing line for children,

Supports moms and mompreneurs,

Has her own “Boutique Cafe” an online portable radio show, 

Is able to endure another pregnancy with a condition called  “hyperemesis gravidarum”…excessive morning sickness that lasts every day of her pregnancy!

Even though, she loves each of her four sons, is still wishing to add to her family. 

Then to find out that this pregnancy will be their first daugher together…gave a way to some extraordinary inspiration by thinking “out of the box”  to a new design for a family that is full of love, for their newest expected arrival.   Thank you for the inspiration…introducing my newest design.  “Dainty Dangles”.  May she arrive safe and healthy, and Daria may your labour go well and that you will heal quickly to reserve your energy in being a terrific mom to all your children and dear husband, and I’m sure you will continue to find that “Love is a moment that lasts forever!”.