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Is this one of a kind? October 1, 2009

Filed under: Types of Products — precioussadies @ 3:49 am

Recently, I have been promoting .925 Silver Catalog, and people wonder why would I want to promote something that I have not created.   Even though I would love to create everything, I just don’t have the time, ability, or the way to get such affordable quality jewelry to sell.     

I believe in making good quality jewelry for the fraction of the cost.  Shouldn’t we all have good quality jewelry and if it is affordable, then we can have more of it!!

Now when I host private sales, I can offer the host and the guests even more choices, than what I can make, and then they in return can also have a more variety to choose from.  The choice is still there to buy one of a kind handmade, and with my access to these catalogs, not everyone is still going to be walking around the current home business competition such as “Silpada, Stella & Dot, Avon, Lil Sophia, etc…”

With over 60 manufactors around the world with a collection of around 6,000 pieces, .925 Silver Catalog, also has their virtual catalog online, it sure helps you to visualize it better!  So, if my one of a kind creations, aren’t what you are looking for, I hope you can find something that can appeal to you through                                                                                                           Vendor Code PRE609                



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