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The Worth of Silver September 24, 2009

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On todays market the worth of silver for an ounce, is just over the $16 range.   I use a lot of sterling silver in my jewelry.  Sterling silver, is the compoment of 92.5 Silver, and 7.5 copper.  As I work, I have a little container where all my wasted silver goes, so hopefully one day I can turn this in to a reputable company such as Rio Grande, and get paid for my waste, as they melt it down.  In return though, I only would get a fraction of what it is originally worth.  For some, the going rate is about .25 an ounce, but this too can add up to something over time, rather than just throwing it away.  With the silver it can be melted down, and be made into granules, which then also can be melted down and casted in a ring.

I heard on the radio recently, that silver production is down, because now the production of digitial cameras, does not need it.  I didn’t even know they used silver in the productions of cameras!  Which, is one less demand for this popular commodity.   In other countries, silver is actually traded in lieu of money.  Here is an interesting info about silver commodity.

Sterling silver tarnishes, but with the correct combination of ingredients, or a fibre interwoven cloth where certain pigments are implanted, and perhaps even a little elbow grease can remove the dull and black layers that develops, and restore it to it’s natural state.   Tarnishing is a natural process.  It really is a chemical reaction that occurs, because the metal becomes expose to non metal (air) and causes corrosion, if left long enough it could develop rust.   When I store my earrings, I wrapped them in anti-tarnish paper.  I also keep my sterling silver in a plastic bag to keep the air out, or add a slip of carbon paper, into the container that holds the sterling silver, to prolong this process.  This is what I love about silver, it has the ability to be renewed!  So, it is with each of us.   

Each of us, tarnish…and we each have the potential to be polish and improve who we are, no matter how many layers we have.     Sometimes, we are tarnish by life experiences, our attitudes, our own actions, our reaction from others,  traditions, pride,….  the list goes on.  But, we have the ability to remove those layers of tarnish, and we can’t always do it ourselves.   Being a christian, and having the name ‘Christ” in my name, I realize that I have to rely on him, where and when I fall short. 

Benjamin Franklin through his self reflection discovered 13 virtues that he wanted to improve on.  I’m sure you could come up with your own, through self reflection.   Very few of us, take criticism well, or enjoy being told we are in the wrong, without becoming defensive, this doesn’t mean we can’t have our own opinions, but we need to submit ourselves to be polished, and take a step back, and be willing to be teachable.  As we do, layers of corrosion can be removed, and we will discover our true character, who we really have become, because we are willing to be polished.

Got to get back to creating….Christina

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