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Grosgrain Ribbon September 19, 2009

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pony o streamersGrosgrain ribbon is known to  look a bit glossy and tighted ribbed.  It can be made out of silk, or nylon and synthetics.   It comes in solid colours and in patterns.  It’s my favourite type of material I use when making hair accessoires, and most of all it’s very important to heat seal, or it can unravel leaving you with nothing.

Can you ever have too much ribbon?  When my rolls are almost out, and I sigh a bit of relief, that I don’t have to create anymore…I somehow end up restocking with fun patterns! Boy, aren’t colours and patterns just amazing.    One of the things that I have been creating over the years, is the “pony o streamers”.  They are combinations of layers of ribbons, glued and stitched together on an ouchless elastic, and heat sealed to prevent fraying.  I just made over 70, in the last week!   I started making these for children that wore uniforms, so that they had more choices than the standard headband or plain scrunchy that was offered at the uniform shop.   They are also really fun to customize with a team colour or sport.  For a girl, who likes to change several times in a day…it’s a great combination!  $8 each.

I have added a new product line… I want to design everything, but can’t find the time, skill or afford all the stones.  You can order directly through me at    Here you will find an assortment of jewelry, fashion trends for all ages, even men’s jewelry.  My Vendor code is PRE609   Great products…pricing from me is in Canadian dollars, and no gst!!  Only a small shipping & handling fee of $7 if within Canada, or $15  to the USA, will be added.  28 day return policy.   Payment accepted: Visa, Paypal, Cash.


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