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The Peace Crown August 25, 2009

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Unity crown

Unity crown

I caught the last hour of the Miss Universe 2009 pageant.  There were 3 crowns  presented by Diamond Nexus Labs, and the “world” voted for which crown would be chosen.   The one that was chosen was the “Peace” crown.   How beautiful on the winner,  Stefania Fernandez of Venezuela (2nd year in a row!)  She wore a stunning red gown, that matched the ruby adorned crown.

Peace Crown

Peace Crown

I love the detail in the “Hope” crown, but I’m sure the theme of “Peace” is more fitting where war is still evident.

Hope Crown

Hope Crown

 Check out the feature of how the crown came about.  When one creates a piece of jewelry such as a crown or a ring, it’s design on paper, but then you have to think about it in 3-D when you make the wax cast, something I didnot quite finish in my silver smith class.  It’s quite amazing the amount of time and detail it takes to create such a stunning piece of jewelry.  Bravo to the artists and to the wearer of the crown!


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