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Julie and Julia’s pearls and diamonds August 24, 2009

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Have you seen the movie Julie & Julia yet?  The movie plays out about two women: one being  Julie Powell, who discovers herself through cooking through Julia Child’s 
“Mastering the Art of French Cooking” and blogging about her experience….she actually is discovered and they create this movie! The other is Julia Child, and how she became what she is famous for (even though it took decades) when it was men that went to cooking school.

Julia Child was displayed in a period of time where woman were classic in dress, especially in the kitchen.   No thought, to kick off those high heels (even at 6 ft, 2 inches!), as you peer into the oven! She always wore pearls or necklaces with her dresses or blouses/skirts.  Julie Powell’s life became interwined with Julia’s.  She wore a set of plastic pearls look a likes, and at one point, her husband presents her with a string of pearls.  Julie pops off her pearls and puts on the ones that have become even more dear to her..

I remember when I got my first fake pearls, it was still a nice strand that my mother bought for me, because I was being a bridesmaid.  I remember her words, “One day, you will get a real strand to replace these.”.   Years later, I have received 2 strands of pearls, handed picked and strung from a beach in the Philippines, a necklace and a bracelet; but from two different dear friends.   Both are treasured. 

Pearls, don’t start off being treasured.  An oyster finds something that has caused an irritant, such as a parasite.  The parasite will invade the shell and into the mother of pearl, where it comes in contact with the muscle of the oyster.     Inorder for the oyster to protect itself, it secretes cells “nacre” around the parasite it to protect itself.  The parasite dies, and the oyster continues to grow a pearl sac (layers of mother of pearl) around it.  

Just like taking a piece of coal, and heating it up, one can get a diamond.  Neither parasite or piece of coal, can you see the grand potential of what it may become.  It is the same for all of us.  Do we each know our grand potential, how valuable we are!   We each have the ability to take our own parasites or pieces of coal, and recreate ourselves for the better.  Each layer or degree of heat…represents something, that changes us…it will make us more beautiful from the inside out.  It may take  a shift in attitudes, a change of  persceptive, and correcting our ways. 

When I was in Key West, I came across the store.  “Key West Pearl Company“.  They are famous for the diamond being drilled into a pearl.   The more I think about it, the more fitting I feel that these two are a perfect fit, and will always think of their analogy together.   What they represent.  Just like Julia Child, and Julie Powell, it was through self discovery that they learned more about themselves, and what they could become.  So, the next time you put on your pearls and/or your diamonds, think about who you are now, you can improve on any of those irritants… and discover who you are becoming!  Christina or join me on facebook: “Precious Sadie’s”


 Key West Pearl Company - Key West Florida


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