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The Good, The Bad, and The Winner… July 4, 2009

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The good, the bad, the uglyThe GOOD –  July 3, (Friday) was the kick off of stampede by having the parade in the morning, so it’s officially started!   I had a sudden desire to take a sneak a peek on Thursday evening, and even though I did not win any ribbons (THE BAD), I was happy to go and see what others have done.

I did feel that my bracelet is displayed elegantly (The GOOD) (considering I did provide the hand that it is draping on). I’m not pleased with the way the belt and buckle are resting, they could of prop this up better, so you can see it better (THE BAD).   It didn’t seem like there were that many entries in this year in a lot of the categories, so if you are creative and talented, try to enter!    Jacqueline – I did see your bubblegum knitted dress, but I couldn’t see your daugther’s  goose clock, I’ll have to check it out again when I go down another day.

Last Saturday was a great success at the Lake Chaparral Community Center, the sun was beaming all day, and the line ups were long to get into the park, but they kept flipping pancakes (they expected 1,000 people but over 3,000 people came in!), and lots of fun, wholesome activites for everyone.  (The GOOD)

The Giddy Up Cowgirl, Stampede Free Giveaway, came with many interesting entries.

Clint Eastwood &  John Wayne were amongst the top movie stars.  The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, & The Quick and the Dead, were favourite western movies.  Favourite horses, were “Flicka, Rusty, Spirit, and Tonto”.   Some heros that were named were “Shane”…it happen to be a husband.  Other entries included the books of  Louie L’Amour, Maurice, Frankie, Darcy Flad the chuckwagon rider, Howdy Doody, Calamity Jane, Frankie, Captain Hook (I know he’s a villain, but I haven’t seem him in a western!), and Zorro.   Thank you for all those that entered via draws, or visting this site!

The winner of this pendant is-

Connie.   Yahoo! Cowgirl!  

Thank you for all that have stop by and entered!  (48 total entries, and Connie was # 22)

Christina Parker


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