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Happy UnBirthday to YOU! …Give Away June 4, 2009

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A FEW days left…Until the clock strikes midnight, and the winner will be announced…

Recently we had tea with Alice in Wonderland and the Mad Hatter!  

Alice taught us all about our manners.  It is the ladies who serve the tea.  We are to take small bites of our cookies and chew with our mouths close.  When we drink our tea (water down apple juice), we should put our pinky finger up in the air!  

The Mad Hatter had us play silly games, like grabbing a partner and dancing in lots of circles.    I love games!   The reason for the special tea party, was to celebrate our “Unbirthdays!”, and the white rabbit never did make it on time!

Isn’t it exciting that we all have 364 Unbirthdays!!  

Well, Let’s CeLebRaTe!!

Here is your chance to win a unbirthday gift from me to you! 

This is a gift from me to you…but it is for a child. So, feel free to give it to the one you love:  your child, a grandchild, a relative, or a friend!

I am offering a NEW PRODUCT, that I am introducing….an enchanted candy apple buckle my pretty! …hackle..hackle.. OR…  Now, perhaps, you rather have the pirate skull buckle for the adventurous boy, that can join Captain Hook and try to fight off Peter Pan! 

Your choice of buckle, that comes with a black leather snap belt  with a choice of three sizes: XS size 12 months-4T, Medium: 4T-8 years, or Large: 8- xs adult.  It’s a snap belt, so it can be interchanged with other buckles.


Pirate Skull

Pirate Skull

Canadian designed by a mom who saw a need to keep those pants up during the transistion time of toilet training. These durable vegetable tanned leather belts and adorable buckles are especially created for the fashionally independent child!

SO here are the rules!

1.  All fairy tale creatures, and even the queen of hearts (as I don’t dare lose my head!),  can participate, and pick up is not necessary, as I can rely on flying monkey’s, if I have too (no matter where you live!)

2.  Leave positive comments on my blog  or send me an email through by official website:  of why you would like to win, state your  favorite  fairy tale and the reason, will earn you 1 entry!

3.  If you want to grab some pixie dust, think good thoughts, and promote me on your page! (this will earn you a total of 5 extra entries!) 

4.  If your friends come by, and does as #2  and also states they came by way of you… then this will reward you an extra entry from your friend. Then the friend can start collecting  their own friends and earn additional entries for themselves.

 5.  Contest is also open to anyone that comes to local craft fairs, check my calendar on my official website.   The contest close date is Saturday June 6 midnight, when the clock strikes 12!


15 Responses to “Happy UnBirthday to YOU! …Give Away”

  1. Jacqueline Says:

    Christina, you are one of the most generous people I know. Your blog is creative and informative. My favourite fairy tale is Peter Pan, even though I cry every time I read the story to my kids. The ride at Disneyland is my favourite ride, except for Indiana Jones. I think I should win the belt because your unbirthday wish coincides nicely with my real birthday! Check out my blog for the promotional points and extra entries.

  2. Christina Says:

    Well, thank you for your generous comments! I love the Peter Pan ride! It’s so cool, it’s one that I must ride, too! I love the detail. Captain Hook always scared me, even in the movie “Hook”, he was definetly a villain. Thank you for putting me on your blog, even before your adventurous trip to China, and I hope you get over your jet lag, as I want to hear all about your trip, and Happy Birthday to you!!

  3. B Says:

    You were reading my mind this morning weren’t you Chris? I need a belt for my little miniature as she has droopy pants syndrome. Wouldn’t this look darling on her?

    My favorite fairy tale has been Beauty and the Beast since as long as I can remember, I’m sure you remember that talk I had with your Precious Sadie about it. Why? As a kid I think I just liked it, not the Disney version, but the real version that is told in the old books, but Disney sweetened it up a bit and I’m fine with that. To me there is something extra magical about it, though I can’t say just for sure why it takes the top of the chart.

    I’m going to blog about it, but wanted to ask first if I can snag your picture of the belt to add to it.

    • You were right, I was reading your mind! Of course, this enchanting apple would just be darling!!
      I remember your beautiful Beauty and the Beast dolls…will your darlings ever get to play with them, or are they just for you?!
      Of course, snag the picture, and thanks for blogging!

  4. B Says:

    Snagged the picture, and pasted it on my blog.

    Look at me making it easy for you to find it and all. 😉

    As for the dolls and the rest of my collection, I’m sure my kids will play with it. I’m not emotionally attached to them, or any of the other “stuff” that currently sits in a box. I’d get rid of it now if I didn’t think my girls would like it one day.

  5. Dana Stone Says:

    My favorite fairy tale is Peter Pan. I wanted to be a mom but I was afraid to grow up… kind of like Wendy! The real reason that I love it is the memories that I have of helping my mom paint glitter on my sister’s toes at night while she was sleeping. She thought Tinkerbell was wonderful and amazing after seeing a show at Disneyworld where “tink” was flying around as a beam of light and then appeared later…. Anyway, for years she wrote letters to Tinkerbell and my mom and I would leave glittery notes and sparkly toes. It was one of the happiest memories that I have of my mother.

    BTW…amazing and adorable work. I love this magical apple belt. It would be great for my daughter…NONE of her pants ever stay up!

    • How adorable, to sneak in and paint glitter toes at night! I truly remember trying to catch pixie dust (dust in the air), and trying fly off my bed! Thank you for sharing those happiest memories of your mother, and may your wishes come true! Christina

  6. Marie Wong Says:

    My favourite fairy tale is Sleeping Beauty. I always thought it would be awesome to go to sleep for that long and then be woken by a prince with a kiss. I still love to sleep in and I did marry my prince so maybe the fairy tale did come true?

    Christina, I absolutely love your jewelery and belts and everything you make. You are so creative and your prices are amazing. The quality is fantastic and I have passed your information on to friends and family who in turn have passed it on to others. People are always commenting positively on anything you have made that I wear, and I love to be able to say that is is unique and make in Calgary!

    Keep up the great work and please consider me for the unbirthday gift as I know the perfect young lady that it would look amazing on! Besides, she is the apple of her mom’s eye so the apple belt would be perfect.


    • Marie,
      You know I never thought of Sleeping Beauty that way! I love to sleep in…probably because I love to stay up past my bedtime!
      I do believe your fairy tale did come true, it’s wonderful to wake up to your true love! Thank you for your kind words. I have to agree about my amazing prices, as I like to pass on my savings but without the lost of quality! It’s definetly through word of mouth, that I have seemed to get around. Thank you for your outstanding commitment in my creativity! So cute in your comment about the, “Apple of her mom’s eye!!”

  7. Claudine Says:

    My favorite fairy tale lately has been Snow White.
    I keep hoping that someday MY Prince will come and sweep
    me out of my nightmare and I’ll end up happily ever after.
    I love the litte skull and cross bones (since I have a boy)
    and the apple is really cute…but I think he’d prefer
    being a pirate!
    Is there a fairy tale with a pirate in it? I mean that would
    be awesome…I’m gonna work on that one!
    Arr matey!

  8. Claudine, thanks for sharing your fairy tale, may that Prince show up and sweep you off your feet! The only fairy tale, that I know that has pirates in it is Peter Pan, but of course, they are the villains in the story. But, if we didn’t have villains, we wouldn’t know what true happiness is! Christina

  9. Claudine Says:

    I’ve advertised on my blog! I really REALLY hope I win!!

  10. Claudine Says:

    Oh..and one more comment to say that I saw it on B’s blog!

  11. Angela Says:

    Oh! My little guy would love a snap belt.

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