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Howdy Cowgirl, It’s a Stampede Fun Free GiveAway! June 20, 2009

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One of mDomino Cowboy pendanty creative outlet these past few months, was creating western domino pendants!!

These nifty pendants, take a bit more work then they look!  Finding the appropriate size and picture, sealing the picture, using smelly and sticky resin, that if it’s not mixed right, doesn’t cure…ugh!!  Filing the picture, and making it into a pendant.

To keep you into mode of Stampede Fun amongst all those free Pancake breakfasts, pony rides, and the desire of kicking up your heels to join in square dancing or line dancing,  I’m offering you one of these adorable western domino pendants, which will be given away for  FREE after the day of the first FREE stampede breakfast in the Community of Lake Chaparral 9-12 am (before Stampede even starts!)  on  June 27!

GiveAway Rules:

1.  Please leave a comment here, or through my email on my official website  Name your favourite western movie, actor, horse, hero/villain, or even your favourite brand of blue jeans will earn you  1 entry for each item you list.  (that could be a total of 5 entries!)

2.  Want to earn more entries?!  IF you have a blog, you can post about this free giveaway to allow you to get 5 more entries!  

3.  For each friend that come because of you, will earn an additional 1 entry.

4.  Join Precious Sadie’s on “Facebook”  to earn you 1 entry.

5.  Bring a Food Bank Donation to get in to the Lake Chaparral Community 9-12 am on Saturday June 27, 2009 for your Free Pancake Breakfast,  participate in the many fun family events, stop by my booth, and add your name for another entry!…IF it’s raining…though…I’m flipping pancakes, instead!

6.   Giveaway closes by June 27, at midnight, and the winner will be contacted by email.

7.   Giveaway is open to Canadians and USA residents.

Giddy Up, See Ya Soon,  Christina!


Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth June 16, 2009



 The greatest outdoor show on earth, is about to embark once again on July 3-12, the Calgary Stampede!   My first exposure to the competition of the stampede was shortly after I was married and entered my original cross stitch designs into the exhibition, anyone can enter no matter where you live!  

Oh no, I just discovered that you can now enter online, and the deadline is June 19, 2009!  !  You  have to had created the craft within the last 12 months, and there is only a limit of 2 entries per person, and each must be in their own grouping.  It’s even open to all ages! Just check out the western showcase, creative arts & crafts:  and now there is a division and class for jewelry, too!

Yikes!! You know what this means, I got to get busy, perhaps, I will create one of my original semi precious/silver belt buckle in….but I have to create it, first…and it only gives me 3 days to decide!!

Some years, though, I could give it up and escape the hussle and bussle, and other years tradition remains, the vendors of the gadgets get a bit of my pocket money.   As a child, at the end of the school year, I was more excited to get my free entry ticket that was in my report card envelope (than the actual report card)  to the CNE (the Canadian National Exhibition) or known as “the ex”,   Do you have an opinion, do you like these exhibitions or would rather leave town?  Fill out the poll below!  Yahoo! Christina


The results are in… June 8, 2009

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 Mary Poppins                                                                                                                                                                                         Thank you for all those that responded via email, through this blog, who earn extra entries by posting the giveaways on your blogs, and filled out entry forms at the craft fairs for the “Happy UnBirthday to You, Giveaway!  Let’s review, what the responses were like when it came to sharing our favourite fairy tales.

1.  Cinderella received the most votes (14) and I loved what was said about her, “I am in awe of her love, patience under horrible and unjust circumstances.  She is beautiful inside and outside,  gets the prince and her dreams in the end.”.

2.  Snowwhite gets (5 votes)  a comment was made “hoping someday My prince will come and sweep me out of my nightmare  and I’ll end up happily ever after!”  

3.  Peter Pan (4 votes), one commented, “how she cries everytime she reads the story, and how it’s one of her favourite rides at Disneyland“.  Another commented “She wanted to be a mom, but afraid to grow up.  Her favourite memories of her mom!  Her sister would write to Tinkerbell, and she and her mom would leave glittery notes and sparkly toes!”

4.  The Princess and The Pea, (3 votes)   Comment, “I am a princess, I wake up in the night, and think about all that I need to do!”

5.  Goldilocks & 3 Bears (2 votes)

6.  Aladdin (2 votes)

7.  Jungle Book (2 votes)

8.  Alice in Wonderland (1 vote)

9 .  Beauty and Beast  (1 vote) “Something extra special about it, even when Disney sweeten it up a bit!”

10. Rapzunel (1 vote)

11.  Sleeping Beauty (1 vote) comment, “I always thought it would be awesome to go to sleep for that long and then be woken by a prince with a kiss. I still love to sleep in and I did marry my prince,  so maybe the fairy tale did come true!”

12.  Hercules (1 vote)

13. The Little Mermaid (1 vote)

14. Bambi (1 vote)

15.  Paper Bag Princess  (1 vote)

16.  Enchanted (1 vote)

I was asked what my favourite fairy tale is.  Each one brings it’s own set of memories.  I love the detail of the Disney ride of Peter Pan, and as a child I often tried catching dust particles in the air (pixie dust!)  and tried to think happy thoughts when I jumped off the bed.. (it’s a good thing, I never tried the roof!)  but Captain Hook surely gave me nightmares!   My husband claims I’m like the princess and the pea, as I must have a very comfortable bed.   Having a birthday cakes of Thumper the rabbit from Bambi, and Prince John sucking his thumb  from Robin Hood.  I sucked my thumb till I was five, so I really afraid when it came to cutting that special cake of  Prince John.    Many Disney movies, have given me many magical moments and memories!  One of my all time favourites, that I have learn to appreciate even more as I have gracefully aged, is “Mary Poppins”.     I wish I could snap my fingers and the toys would be put away.  I thought it would be lovely to jump into a sidewalk picture and become a part of the action, dance with chimney sweeps on roof tops, take my laughter to greater heights,  feed the birds, and of course, go fly a kite!  Mary gives us hope and optimism which are powerful tools in the face of hard times, to not judge people, to be generous, to learn to value each other, and see magic every day.   I feel a bit like Mary Poppins, when I set up for a craft fair, and the jewelry keeps coming out of a container, it doesn’t seem to stop!

The author of  Mary Poppins, was Pamela L. Travers, but she was born as Helen Lyndon Goff  on Nov 9, 1899.  She wrote Mary Poppins in 1934, and died in 1996, at the age of 96.   She wrote about Fairy tales how they, ” live in us, endlessly growing repeating their themes ringing like great bells.  If we forget them, still they are not lost.  They go underground, like secret rivers and emerge the brighter for their dark journey.”.   We all need a Mary Poppins said Thomas Schumacher, “Someone to love us unconditionally, to be magically, but not too sappy, to enchant us, and to make everything right, and then to leave us to do it on our own!”

The results are in out of a total of 55 entries.

 The winner is  #2   who is Jacqueline B.

You can pick between the enchanted candy apple or the pirate buckle and your choice of black belt S (12 months-4T) M (4T-8) or L (8-12)

Kids -candy apple buckle

  Kids -pirate boy



 Random numbers generated Jun 8 2009 at 8:9: 11 by


Thank you for all those that participated, and stay tuned for more exciting free giveaways!






Happy UnBirthday to YOU! …Give Away June 4, 2009

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A FEW days left…Until the clock strikes midnight, and the winner will be announced…

Recently we had tea with Alice in Wonderland and the Mad Hatter!  

Alice taught us all about our manners.  It is the ladies who serve the tea.  We are to take small bites of our cookies and chew with our mouths close.  When we drink our tea (water down apple juice), we should put our pinky finger up in the air!  

The Mad Hatter had us play silly games, like grabbing a partner and dancing in lots of circles.    I love games!   The reason for the special tea party, was to celebrate our “Unbirthdays!”, and the white rabbit never did make it on time!

Isn’t it exciting that we all have 364 Unbirthdays!!  

Well, Let’s CeLebRaTe!!

Here is your chance to win a unbirthday gift from me to you! 

This is a gift from me to you…but it is for a child. So, feel free to give it to the one you love:  your child, a grandchild, a relative, or a friend!

I am offering a NEW PRODUCT, that I am introducing….an enchanted candy apple buckle my pretty! …hackle..hackle.. OR…  Now, perhaps, you rather have the pirate skull buckle for the adventurous boy, that can join Captain Hook and try to fight off Peter Pan! 

Your choice of buckle, that comes with a black leather snap belt  with a choice of three sizes: XS size 12 months-4T, Medium: 4T-8 years, or Large: 8- xs adult.  It’s a snap belt, so it can be interchanged with other buckles.


Pirate Skull

Pirate Skull

Canadian designed by a mom who saw a need to keep those pants up during the transistion time of toilet training. These durable vegetable tanned leather belts and adorable buckles are especially created for the fashionally independent child!

SO here are the rules!

1.  All fairy tale creatures, and even the queen of hearts (as I don’t dare lose my head!),  can participate, and pick up is not necessary, as I can rely on flying monkey’s, if I have too (no matter where you live!)

2.  Leave positive comments on my blog  or send me an email through by official website:  of why you would like to win, state your  favorite  fairy tale and the reason, will earn you 1 entry!

3.  If you want to grab some pixie dust, think good thoughts, and promote me on your page! (this will earn you a total of 5 extra entries!) 

4.  If your friends come by, and does as #2  and also states they came by way of you… then this will reward you an extra entry from your friend. Then the friend can start collecting  their own friends and earn additional entries for themselves.

 5.  Contest is also open to anyone that comes to local craft fairs, check my calendar on my official website.   The contest close date is Saturday June 6 midnight, when the clock strikes 12!