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A bit more to create with May 13, 2009

It was just a trip to a new bead store. Working on a design, I knew exactally what I needed, but didn’t want to put a order in and have to wait for it to come, so I made my way down to a new store, to get the last strand they had in stock.  I also found out that they carry  “Snapeeze Jump Rings”  so I picked up a few for future projects.  I’m usually very good in coming out with only with what I wanted, but I found some other beauties that took over my heart.  I got some Swarovski cosmic rings and squares, a cute square toggle, sterling chain, in squares and circles.  I picked up some ribbon/cord necklaces for pendants.  Hmmm…can you see some of the possibilities?! 

A bit more to start creating with...
A bit more to start creating with…

PS remember “Precious Sadie’s” GiveAways!


Lizzy Anne Quilt GiveAway

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I love creativity in all forms! Beautiful Talented, Liz, has done it again! She’s been very creative in many ways, and mediums throughout the years.  She’s a self taught quilter that started in her teen years,  and I think she is so awesome in what she does for others, even when she is 8 months pregnant with her 4th child!   The fabric is truly refreshing, and it’s been a pleasure to  have known her throughout many years, and see what she is accomplishing!  Check out her original design giveaway until May 18.   

PS….don’t forgot “Precious Sadie’s”  …My happy unbirthday giveaway, still is on until June 6!