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February’s Birthstone Amethyst February 28, 2009

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 Variations of the violet tone quartz.  It is most commonly found in volcanic rock in Brazil.  Zambia is one of the places that creates the most rock.  It can be found only around Nova Scotia, and around Ontario in Canada.  In the USA, it is found around the Lake Superior Region, Amethyst mountain inTexas, National Yellowstone Park, and around North Carolina.

If you are born in February, then you are usually familiar that your birthstone is the Amethyst.  A purple tone of quartz.  Ancient Greeks and Romans, wore the amethyst as a belief that it would prevent intoxication, and interesting enough, wine goblets used to be carved from the amethyst.   

In recent studies, it shows that Iron and Aluminum in complex ways, make up the colour of the amethyst.  When heated it can turn yellow like citrine, and is consider to be “burnt amethyst”

Mohs scale: 7


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