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So much I want to do…so little time! February 17, 2009

Filed under: What I am up to! — precioussadies @ 7:12 pm

The last few days, I have again been researching.  Well, do I ever stop, it truly is one of my relaxing past times!   Just two weeks ago, it was for an upcoming trip for March.  I don’t feel a need to be going anywhere, as I just went to Hawaii with my husband in December.  This one is for our children and their excitement as a good friend with her children who has never had the opportunity to go to Disney before, is joining us!   It’s more exciting to see it though someone else’s eyes!  Everyone is so excited! We are heading off to Orlando, and will take in a crusie, too, all before Spring break.  I found great prices for flights, $325 round trip each (including taxes),  good prices for the season, and many amazing price saving miracles along the way.

Today, I have another million of ideas of what I want to do in my day, but it doesn’t include housework.  I clean the kitchen this morning and started folding some laundry.   My chest is sore from exercising (p90x -on week 5), so I claim it’s been a good morning to sit at the computer and research, and in the afternoon I will try to be more productive. 

So, what am I doing?!  Last week, I put in an order for children’s buckles and belts, canadian made, and designed.   I have some scrabble, and some western domino pendants that are partially made.  I’ve been looking at stamping letters for metal to create my own silver tags for custom designs, tools for bracelet making, and checking out vintage stores. 

Anything that sparks your imagination, and don’t have the time to research? ..  just sent them my way!


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