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February’s Birthstone Amethyst February 28, 2009

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 Variations of the violet tone quartz.  It is most commonly found in volcanic rock in Brazil.  Zambia is one of the places that creates the most rock.  It can be found only around Nova Scotia, and around Ontario in Canada.  In the USA, it is found around the Lake Superior Region, Amethyst mountain inTexas, National Yellowstone Park, and around North Carolina.

If you are born in February, then you are usually familiar that your birthstone is the Amethyst.  A purple tone of quartz.  Ancient Greeks and Romans, wore the amethyst as a belief that it would prevent intoxication, and interesting enough, wine goblets used to be carved from the amethyst.   

In recent studies, it shows that Iron and Aluminum in complex ways, make up the colour of the amethyst.  When heated it can turn yellow like citrine, and is consider to be “burnt amethyst”

Mohs scale: 7


So much I want to do…so little time! February 17, 2009

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The last few days, I have again been researching.  Well, do I ever stop, it truly is one of my relaxing past times!   Just two weeks ago, it was for an upcoming trip for March.  I don’t feel a need to be going anywhere, as I just went to Hawaii with my husband in December.  This one is for our children and their excitement as a good friend with her children who has never had the opportunity to go to Disney before, is joining us!   It’s more exciting to see it though someone else’s eyes!  Everyone is so excited! We are heading off to Orlando, and will take in a crusie, too, all before Spring break.  I found great prices for flights, $325 round trip each (including taxes),  good prices for the season, and many amazing price saving miracles along the way.

Today, I have another million of ideas of what I want to do in my day, but it doesn’t include housework.  I clean the kitchen this morning and started folding some laundry.   My chest is sore from exercising (p90x -on week 5), so I claim it’s been a good morning to sit at the computer and research, and in the afternoon I will try to be more productive. 

So, what am I doing?!  Last week, I put in an order for children’s buckles and belts, canadian made, and designed.   I have some scrabble, and some western domino pendants that are partially made.  I’ve been looking at stamping letters for metal to create my own silver tags for custom designs, tools for bracelet making, and checking out vintage stores. 

Anything that sparks your imagination, and don’t have the time to research? ..  just sent them my way!


Spring Cleaning February 13, 2009

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Almost a year ago, we moved and amazing I really hadn’t tackled some of my piles in certain storage areas.

I’m one to always have a pile somewhere and then perhaps, another one… ie..research ideas, children’s keepsakes (one day I will get around to putting them into their scrapbook).  When I start something, I usually start something else, before putting it away, it’s not that it doesn’t get completed, I’m just a jack of all trades, master of none.  So, today, I tackled piles, and ended up with 3 more pairs of holey jeans to eventually cut out towards a jean quilt. 

I have this calendar on my dresser, and I only flip it when my dresser is perfectly spotlessly clean.  It’s still not quite there (as I have a few important documents hanging out on top of it) .   Well, I know the calendar fell behind my dresser, and was placed on top again, I hadn’t flipped the date.   Today it was reading July 12…really?…I don’t think I actually believe that it has been over 6 months, has it!!  Thank goodness this flipping calendar has no year on it!!  That could be very scary!

Today I tackled the storage room.   My 6ft racks from craft shows were amongst my piles, with other papers spewling onto the floor…it amazes me how I find letters that were written 13 years ago, on the floor…must of fell out of journals.  It’s getting there, and now I actually have moved my extended work table into the storage room, so my main den space, should remain unclutter, and it sure beats having to always sit infront of the furnace cold air intake…Brrrr!

My children are anxiously wanting to earn some spending money for a family trip, and after my discussion, of how I’m not going to remind them to do any extra chores, but I don’t want hear of any complaining when they claim they didn’t earn any money, but were too lazy instead.   Well, something clicked with them tonight,  and the two oldest ones, worked their tail off…even to the point, where my kitchen stove is more spotless, and they waited up past their bedtime to empty the dishwasher.  It’s music, to my ears to hear them say, “no one better mess this up tomorrow!  It sure beats hiring a housekeeper, and I sure hope they will be a great support to their future wives.     I can’t wait for tomorrow!