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Top 2008 Names January 28, 2009

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1 Ethan Emma     
2 Jacob Ava     
3 Noah Olivia     
4 Aiden Isabella     
5 Jack Madison     
6 Logan Sophia     
7 Ryan Abigail     
8 Matthew Emily     
9 Jackson Addison     
10 Michael Chloe     
11 Gavin Ella     
12 Jayden Lily     
13 Andrew Hannah     
14 Joshua Mia     
15 Tyler Grace     
16 Dylan Samantha     
17 Alexander Alyssa     
18 Nathan Elizabeth     
19 William Sarah     
20 Daniel Taylor     
21 Benjamin Natalie     
22 Nicholas Alexis     
23 Evan Avery     
24 James Anna     
25 Mason Hailey

Here are the top 25 names of 2008.  This past fall, I had a few neat experiences, around the name Sadie.  A young grandmother came ahhing over the custom name bracelets, and seeing a sample, that read “Sadie”, she was even more touch, with a new addition to the family, with this name.  Later, they came back with baby Sadie in tow, and said, “Isn’t this precious! and then realizing again, that the name of  the company is “Precious Sadie’s”. 

I have actually hit the top 2008 list for custom bracelets, for boys:  Logan and Noah, and funny, I have done at least 4 Emma’s , 5  Mya/Maya, Victoria’s, Ava’s, Sophia’s,  Madison’s and many more names that aren’t always in the top 25, it’s amazing to see the duplicates, like Charolette, Sadie’s or even Amy’s.

Sadie is a diminutive form of Sarah in Hebrew, and means princess.  Interesting, I found out that in Spanish, it comes from Mercedes, which is another name in Spanish for the Virgin Mary.(Maria de las Mercedes).

Precious came from the idea of semi precious stones, precious jewelry, and of course, precious children!

Do you like your name and does it have a special meaning to you?


One Response to “Top 2008 Names”

  1. Jacqueline Says:

    I have to say I don’t totally love my name. It has always been hard to pronounce and consequently shortened. It didn’t “fit” with all my friends’ names (Sherri, Tracy, Julie, Melanie) ending with EEE. I was odd. But it’s my name and I’m sticking with it.

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