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Staying On Top of The Season January 7, 2009

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“Costco” the wholesale store claims, they are always one season ahead, halloween in summer, christmas in fall, no wonder the years are slipping by so fast!

Like, Costco, I’m always researching what is up and coming, working on new designs and mediums, looking into the new colour palates, styles of clothing, and jewelry trends.  The nice thing with jewelry, is that I never get bored!

Trends “to follow in a general direction” come about by what certain people are wearing.   What a person chooses to wear can reflect the person’s personality or what they like.  When some have cultural status because of their job title,  then people who like or respect them may start to wear clothes and accessories of a similar style.

The designers, the clothing stores, the movie stars, to the children of the movie stars, to our peers, do affect what styles we wear today.  Most of us, want to fit in, we all want to feel we belong, and it is through keeping up with the season or the trends, that we do so.  

I personally feel that us Canadians, take a bit of time to catch up on the season.  

Flower clips, I started making and selling in the fall of 2007.    Well, this last year, they have defiantly been a hot ticket item with other hair accessories, but it’s taken a year for customers and then other vendors to catch on.   How did this start?  Most likely because of a few movie stars, or their children accessorized by them!    Now, I could tell you the newest trend in hair accessories…but I’ll keep that one to myself for now!

I research what is up and coming, and always make sure some of the new colours for the seasons, are found in my semi precious line of designs.  Now working with semi precious stones, can be a little bit difficult, as  it’s their natural colour, and may not match the colour trend, but thank goodness for other beads that do!

This past fall, some of the colours, I used were: turqouise, with brown/golds.   I did a lot of designs with lava rock, which also many were drawn too.

This season, is spectulated that jewelry will be popular that is colour blocked or in shades of different colours, and that teens will be drawn to costume jewelry.  I see that the leg warmer of the 80’s is coming back in style…and I really hope it’s not coming with beads on them…hopefully this trend won’t last!


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